FAR Study & Waiting for AUD Score

31 Aug 2011

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It’s been awhile since I updated my blog. My last update was my wrap-up after I took Audit. Since then a lot has gone on in my life, but not much studying.

I’m up for two jobs at two different companies, so I’m really crossing my fingers that one of those pans out. I’ve been disappointed so many times in my job search that I don’t really have much optimism anymore.

I also went on a one week vacation and then last week I was very, very lazy and just could not get back into studying.

I’m trying to get back in the groove now, but it’s going pretty slowly. I have to speed it up because my test is in mid-October, and I want to be able to take two tests this window.

I’m using Roger CPA Review again, and Roger is a fun study partner in Financial just like he was in Audit. The best thing about Roger’s review is his book. I don’t feel like I have to waste time always rewinding the course because I missed something because everything is so well explained in plain English in his book. His books are seriously the best!!

Still waiting on my Audit score from when I took it August 9th. I hate this new system where you have to wait almost a month after the window closes for your scores!! I’m really hoping I passed Audit. I feel really good about it, but you never know. Now I have to get back on track and try to get some productive studying in the rest of the day.

Study hard!!

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