Study Update: Still Pushing through FAR

06 Oct 2011

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I haven’t felt like blogging lately because I feel like I don’t have much to blog about! I promised in my last blog that I would start studying smarter and faster and I’ve tried…but I’m just finishing FAR-2 so it hasn’t been very much faster.

Overall I have been doing a lot better with concentration and hours a day spent studying. I’m still struggling getting back into studying after I take a day (or even half a day) off.

Today my boyfriend stayed home from work because he’s sick, so I know I won’t get much done today since I’ll be busy taking care of him. I also woke up with a horrible migraine, but luckily it went away.

My goal for the rest of the week is to finish FAR-2 and get a good chunk of FAR-3 done. I already have a lot of family commitments on the weekend, but I can study all day Friday and allot some time on Saturday morning. The rest of the weekend I will be running all over town, unfortunately.

I’m still really enjoying Roger CPA Review. His book really is the greatest, and I’ve been making flash cards from his book for later use. Last time I studied for FAR, I didn’t specifically study for IFRS, I just practiced MCQs, so that was probably a big mistake.

This time I’m using Roger, and he has great little charts with comparisons of IFRS vs. GAAP. I usually copy them onto a flashcard for quick reference later.

Well I better get back to the grind of studying!!

Study Hard!!

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