FAR: One Week of Studying Left

16 May 2011

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Less than one week until FAR.

This week was quite eventful. Monday I saw a career counselor that was provided by my former employer. The first meeting was just an orientation, but I definitely plan on taking advantage of the services they provide and hope they can help me in some way, even if they only help me gain some confidence in my job search, because I have lost some of that in the whole outsourcing process.

The rest of the week was very productive and I probably put in at least 25 hours during the week. The weekends have been my weakness since I lost my job. I used to get most of my studying done on the weekends, putting in 6-8 hours. Now I’m lucky if I put in 3. This is my last weekend, so not much to improve on, but when I start studying for Audit in June I will make a new plan of attack for my weekend laziness.

Right now I am doing my final review and going over questions in the Gleim testbank. Some areas are really hard for me, so then I go over my notes and Jeff's NINJA notes.

Bonds and consolidations are my weakest areas. I think I might look consolidations up in my Intermediate text, because the Wiley is so confusing to me on consolidations. Also, I like using the Wiley Testbank because it matches up with the book.

Happy Studying!


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Tanya 13 years ago

Hang in there! We can do it! I take FAR on May 26th and I am absolutely sick of studying. But we(yes, all of us) are on a mission to bigger and better things!

Angie 13 years ago

Stay focused, sometimes towards the end I just get so burnt out. Try to remember these last few days could make the difference between a 74 and a 75. ;)