FAR Study: A Long Week with Good Results

14 Oct 2011

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Stephanie is a weekly Club 75 Blogger as she documents her journey through the CPA Exam.

This week has seemed pretty long. I’ve done a lot of different things this week and was pretty successful. I had an interview on Monday and got a job offer on Wednesday!

Now I find out my start date pending drug test and background check. Crossing my fingers that nothing goes wrong, but my frustrating job search looks like it’s finally over.

I’ve also been doing fairly well on sticking to my study plan this week and really sticking my nose to the book, even though I’ve had some kind of appointment almost every day this week.

Roger CPA Review has been keeping me engaged rather well this week through some of the toughest parts of Financial Reporting and Accounting. Bonds, Leases, Present Value- OH MY do I hate those subjects!!

Roger does a lot of journal entries in his lectures, which I need to review so badly, so I’m writing a lot of the JEs down on flashcards to review later and also in my notes to try and make my brain memorize them better.

I’ve also made a promise to myself to eat better, because lately I’ve been going out to eat a lot and buying junk food. I usually don’t keep any junk in the house, but I’ve snuck some ice cream in lately. I still can’t exercise since I hurt my knee in June, and I finally made an appointment for a sports medicine doctor to look at that since it definitely isn’t resolving itself.

Things are finally looking up. Now if I can only keep to my study schedule and study hard and smart and finally see a CREDIT 75+ on the Board of Accountancy website.

Study Hard!!

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