New Job, Making Room, and FAR Study

25 Oct 2011

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Wow! I’ve had a long week. As you may remember, I wrote last week that I got a job offer. Well, everything fell into place and I started Monday, October 24th. Yay!

I had to go to the Social Security Office Thursday because they said I had to have my SS card for payroll. That was a bummer because it’s 20 minutes away and there was a huge line, but now I’m all set.

I’ve also been organizing like crazy because we have a friend moving in with us in November from out of state, so I had to clean out our guest room, which is also my study room.

We've been using our guest room for our closet overflow and to store stuff, so it was quite a project to organize and clean it out.

I also had to organize our office to move most of the stuff to that room. Before our friend arrives I’m going to move my study table to our bedroom. I don’t like to study in the office because we keep the cat there, and she can be annoying.

As far as studying, I did pretty well last week. I wrapped up FAR-3 on Monday, and now I’m almost done with FAR-4. I also rescheduled my test because the original test date was too soon.

I got an extra 5 days, but I was hoping to get more because no matter what I won’t be able to take another test this window, and I can certainly use the extra time to review and study extra journal entries.

I still, and I guess I probably always will, have problems with my MCQ speed. I always get behind on my study schedule because it takes me so long to do MCQ. I’ve started to do every other one and then I can just do those I skipped if I have time during my review.

Anyway, I better get back to studying.

Study hard!!

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Megan 12 years ago

I have the same problem! My test is Nov. 1 and I fell behind and have two chapters worth of hw left because I get so frustrated with how long the MCQ take. I'm trying to catch up so I have time to do review MCQ, but it feels like a huge mountain right now.