Behind on Blogging and FAR Studying

02 Nov 2011

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I've been putting off writing my blog entry because there is not much good to say on the studying front. So let’s start with the bad.

I hardly studied last week. I started my new job Monday and the change in schedule had me very messed up. As of last weekend I had just started FAR-5, as of right now, I’m still on FAR-5.

I just need to keep on moving through the bad week and make this week a lot better. Onto the good news, my new job has been going well.

Obviously it’s been an adjustment because I have to be there pretty early compared to my previous job, and I’m not a morning person!! This has contributed to my messed up study schedule because last week I got home and by the time I ate and did some chores I was too wiped out to study.

This week I’m taking a different approach and I’m going to watch videos during the week and do MCQ on the weekend. MCQ once again were tripping me up because it’s impossible for me to do them if I’m tired!!

I need to readjust my studying for my new schedule and so far it has been hard, but I’m sure I can do it. I better figure it out soon, though, since I have less than a month till my test. On the other hand, Roger CPA Review has been getting me through the nights this week when I’m so tired from work.

FAR-5 in Roger is a killer, but I’ve been saying that for the past few chapters. I notice a trend of them getting harder as we get deeper in! Anyway I better get back to the grind.

Happy Studying!!

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