FAR Studying is Coming Along

14 Dec 2011

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Last week I finally finished all of the videos in Roger CPA Review. I was happy to be finished and excited to get onto the next step.

My first step has been going over some basics in financial accounting books because in the past I’ve been shaky on my journal entry basics, and I think that having a good foundation in these will help me to nail both MCQs and especially the pesky FAR TBS and AUD (next on my list) TBS.

One great resource I have found is online books. I have a few financial accounting books, but I also found some current ones online with video introductions and little quizzes and other useful things. I really hope that doing this extra bit of studying now will pay off later!

Then I will get into Roger’s suggested MCQs. I might do every other question for now, because in the past time has been an issue for me, and I usually get overwhelmed and discouraged with the rate that I get through chapters/modules.

I think I am going to try to get through it once and then the second time I hit the nitty-gritty. Doing every other question should be sufficient for this and alleviate some stress. It is so hard to study this time of the year. Luckily, I finished all of my Christmas shopping, but I still have a lot of wrapping to do. I bought a lot of gift bags so that will cut down on some of my time.

I am encouraged by seeing all my fellow bloggers getting passing scores this window, and I hope I can join them in 2012. Great job guys and gals!! Everyone had obstacles to overcome and they did it and came out above.

To future success and happy studying!!

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