After Week of Relaxation – AUD is Next

01 Jun 2011

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I didn’t plan on it, but I ended up taking the week off after I took Financial Accounting and Reporting on May 20. My Roger CPA Review materials for Audit arrived Tuesday and I took time to familiarize myself with their website. I also took a look at their study plans, which look very do-able. I read a little bit of my Wiley Focus notes to get me acquainted with the 2011 Audit material.

Last time I look Audit I got a 71 so I am confident this time I will pass. I am giving myself about a month to study, but I am going through an entire review course because of the 2011 changes and also because I got that 71 by the skin of my teeth.

I am planning on getting through the course in about 2 weeks and leaving 2 weeks to review. The course is ~20 hours long so I’m thinking around 2 hours of lecture and 2-3 hours of self-study a day, five days a week, should help me achieve my goal. I can use the weekends to catch up if I get behind.

This is the first time in awhile I’ve been excited to start studying. Compared to FAR, audit is a sprint, and a relief. My FAR studying went awry and I feel like it’s my chance to start over and move on, at least until I get that dreaded score and decide how to tackle FAR AGAIN.

Good luck and happy studying in the upcoming week!


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Jason 13 years ago

Good luck - do as Roger says, and you will pass!!!