Mud Runs and CPA Exam MCQs

08 Jun 2011

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This week I got off to a slow start. I received my Roger CPA Review course in the mail on Tuesday and started studying with it on Wednesday. I was going at a pretty good pace until I got to the multiple choice questions and TBS practice.

For those who don’t know, in Roger’s course he does questions in class and then after the lecture you’re supposed to re-do those and then do assigned homework, this is all after reading the chapter. In AUD-1 (the first chapter) there are two homework sections.

I’m still at the first. I am so slow at doing the MCQs with his method! He says to do one question and read the answer. I really have to work on my speed…but I read pretty slowly. I used to be a quick reader in college, but I guess I lost some of that ability.

I have to say that so far, I am enjoying Roger’s course. I’ve taken Audit before so most of its review, especially since I’m at the beginning of the course. One thing I’ve hated about most audit courses is how boring they are, but Roger’s is really not too bad.

I’m not constantly checking how much longer the video is.

On another note on Sunday I ran/walked a 10k mud run. It was fun, but I was pretty disappointed because about 3 weeks ago I had injured my knee. I had been resting and icing it and had my first run back last Tuesday and was in pain the next day so I wasn’t ready for the 10k.

I had been training since February, so I was bummed out about my injury and not being able to run at my full potential, but it was still fun. I think it’s important for CPA candidates to make time for regular exercise even though our lives are usually so busy with study/work/domestic duties. Sometimes I just take a walk with the dog for one of my study breaks and to help clear my head when studying gets overwhelming near the end of the day.

My goal this week is to start doing to MCQs quicker so I can get through the review material quicker. Also, to be stricter on my study schedule and study at least 5 hours a day. Happy studying this week!


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Joey 13 years ago

Ive definetly always had trouble balancing excercise time with study time. Congrats on the mud run and good luck on AUD!