Only Two Weeks to AUD

15 Jul 2011

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Stephanie is a weekly Club 75 Blogger as she documents her journey through the CPA Exam.

This past week was okay in terms in studying. I said last week that I wanted to finish AUD-3, and I was close. I’m just finishing up the last MCQs now. Unfortunately, I didn’t get much done over the weekend.

I had to go to a funeral with my boyfriend, and that ended up taking all of Saturday, and we also had an overnight guest Friday-Sunday.

So now I have to make up for it and catch up because I need to get Aud-4 done this week and start Aud-5 on the weekend to stay on schedule.

This week I can already tell motivation will be a problem because I’m having self-doubting thoughts about both my job search and my CPA journey.

I’m sure everyone else has been there…once negative thoughts get into my head I can spend hours dwelling/obsessing/worrying about things I shouldn’t!

I just need to focus on this upcoming test and not worry about my job search right now, no matter how bad it seems to be going.

I only have 2 weeks to go, and in my opinion the last few weeks before a test are just the hardest. I have completely blown tests with my self-doubting thoughts before. These last few weeks, I just need to stay strong and sprint to the finish line!

I just read Kricket’s Blog, and I think I will use her positive attitude. Oh, how much I would love to be ahead in my study schedule!! I know I can do it, the only thing getting in my way is ME!! When I start FAR, I am going to follow Kricket’s lead and stay ahead of my study schedule for once. I’m so sick of playing catch up!

I need to get back to my MCQs now. Study hard!

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