Job Hunting + AUD Rescheduled

Tana is a weekly Another71 Facebook blogger as she documents her journey through the CPA Exam.

I rescheduled my AUD test today. I decided to study for it over the December holiday break. This was an extremely difficult decision for me, but I felt it was the right thing to do.

Even with quitting my job, my grades have been below my standard of what is acceptable (I know that a C is passing, but it is not acceptable in my book). So I am going to use the time I was studying for the CPA exam to study for my classes.

I need to meet the educational requirements as well, so why not just concentrate on that at this point is what my thinking is.

I also have been really down about the job hunt for a public accounting position. I have interviewed with three of the Big Four (with two office visits), as well interviewed with four local/regional companies over the last year and have not gotten a single offer.

That rejection has decreased my excitement in studying for the CPA exam. I feel like the last 2 years of studying my rump off, keeping up an overall GPA of 3.45, working 30 – 60 hours a week and giving up time with my family was for nothing.

Not only have I been disheartened by the lack of interest from employers, but I found out that my husband is deploying the weekend after I have scheduled the CPA test. He has been very supportive of my pursuit of a degree and passing the CPA exam, but I don’t want to look back and say that I should have spent some time with him, but was too busy.

This is a reflective time that I have to think do I want my headstone to say “passed the CPA,” or “devoted wife?” I would like it to day both, but apparently this time in my life is all about prioritizing. So, I decided to put off the CPA exam until after he is gone, my exams are over and I can just concentrate just on studying for the CPA Exam.

I am actually thinking about studying for 2 parts in three weeks, AUD and REG. I think I can do it if that is all I do for 8 hours a day for 3 weeks. We shall see.

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Lisa 12 years ago

Tana, It sounds like you know in your heart what is truly important. I have a family myself and when I started on my journey (2 more years of college classes and May 2012 will mark 3 years of studying for the exam) I told myself that in the end if I missed out on my family and activities they are involved in, it wouldn't be worth it. I have now passed 3 of 4 exams...none on the first try of course, and I have until April 30th to finish my last. (Although hopefully it will only take me 11 more days.) DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED! You know what is important. Be okay with letting this process take longer for you than others. Enjoy your family! YOU CAN DO THIS! On a strategy note, I would focus on one test at a time, taking it in a window with the shortest wait time for your score. Once I figured that out, it made things much simpler. BEST OF LUCK!

Karen 12 years ago

Yes, the husband is NUMBER ONE priority right now. Good luck on AUD coming up. I am taking REG today:)

Anna 12 years ago

Do not get discouraged. First of all, focus on ONLY the CPA exam!! If you can manage putting off finding a job, then do so. I quit my job after I had my son and focused 100% on the CPA and passed all 4 parts on the first try in 7 months!! Now that I am a CPA, I have started looking for a job and it is not easy :( I would rather take the CPA exam all over again because my success with the exam was all in my control, unlike finding a job where you are relying on others to give you the offer. Also DO NOT push yourself to learn 2 sections in 3 weeks, that is totally unrealistic. I spent 5-6 hours a day 6 days a week and even that took me about 7 months all together to pass. Good luck.

Jenny 12 years ago

Tana, I agree with you on the reschedule. Be with your husband until he leaves, then study. Mine is gone 8 months of the year coaching baseball, so I scheduled to start the exams once he left, knowing I had something to focus on and time to spend on it. Now that he's back it's hard to ignore him for the last 2 sections, but he is understanding. Don't worry about the job, it'll come. I also wanted to let you know I love the picture! I have the same one - twice! BA & MAcc, I walked across the same stage as you! I work at the university and my office is just to your left in the Arena if you ever need a shoulder to cry on or help with studying. I have found a great support system at the CCB, too. I passed AUD in August and REG in October, but I would never try and do them both together. REG was a beast. Good luck!