Preparing for First CPA Exam

03 Jan 2012

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Tana is a weekly Another71 Facebook blogger as she documents her journey through the CPA Exam.

This is my first time sitting for the CPA exam, and I am totally freaked out. I only have today, tomorrow and Tuesday morning. Then it is time to go tackle the test.

To say I am nervous doesn’t even describe how I feel. I have to try and get my nerves under control, or they will ruin the test for me without any other problems I have been having.

Another issue I have is the homework. I was working the problems in the Wiley book and doing fairly well, mid to low 70% as an average, then I ordered software because I wanted to do different questions online, and someone said it would be better for me.

The first batch I did online I scored less than 50%. NOT good. That crushed me. I realized that working the problems in the Wiley book was great practice. The problem is working the questions in the Wiley book right after doing the study session may make the information stay better, but it also leads to a better score.

When you are doing questions on the computer, they are not in a specific order and makes it more difficult. That was why I was doing well on the Wiley test. In the software I will do well for several questions then get into a section that I am weak on and flub through it. My highest score online has been 73%. I hope that it is really harder than the actual test, so that I can get the 75% that is needed.

I have ordered but haven’t started watching Roger CPA Review Cram session. It is about 8.5 hours long and a condensed version of his full course. I really hope that helps.

I’ll let you know later this week how the exam went, how I feel about it and what my plans are for after the test. Wish me luck.

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