Rain: The Best Weather for REG

14 Jul 2011

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I love rain when I am studying for the CPA!

Typically, I really hate studying for the CPA exam in the summertime! Well, really anytime of the year, but summer especially!

I usually find myself staring out the window of my office or library or wherever I happen to be studying and day dreaming of all the other stuff I could be doing… hiking, pool parties, patio bars, swimming… pretty much anything other than doing hundreds of REG questions.

But the entire week last week was overcast and raining, which really motivated me to log in a lot of studying hours for my REG test next Monday! I did my first round of questions from the Wiley book and wrote down the questions I got wrong along with the reasons I got them wrong and then reviewed each section where I was pretty weak in my multiple choice questions.

I always end up getting super frustrated and defeated every time during this first round of multiple choice questions because I feel like I should know the material better at that point. I have to keep reminding myself that this is just a way to point out what I need to spend more time on, and they typically are in certain areas.

The beginning of this week will be dedicated to taking the NINJA study guide and adding my notes to the sections I am weak on and reviewing that several times. Then just more and more multiple choice questions until I can average a 75% in each section.

I take my exam in a week, so after I take it, I will let you know if I make it through the new security policies at the testing center!! Good luck to everyone who has exams this week or those who are studying instead of enjoying the summer weather!

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