Decision Time: Study for FAR?

02 Aug 2011

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Do you ever feel like there are never enough hours in the day to get everything done??? I feel like that a lot, especially with the CPA exam studying taking up the majority of my time. I did meet my goal of getting through FAR 3 & FAR 4 this past week and even managed to get a head start on FAR-5 using Roger CPA Review Course.

I did however have to make some tough decisions given there just wasn't enough time for everything, for example:

• Clean the Kitchen or listen to the lectures for Bonds. As much as I dread Bonds, I dread cleaning a bit more, so Bonds it was.

• Laying out at the pool with friends or the lectures for Leases. Tough decision but once again. I ditched my friends for Roger.

• Drinks with a friend visiting from out of town or FAR 3 homework sets. I compromised on this one and went out for evening drinks but didn't stay out for the late night bar crawl so I could get some questions in at night.

• Clean my bathroom or Pensions. I actually almost went for the bathroom on this one given how I despise Pensions, but I powered through it.

• Go out to dinner and movie with the Hubby or Stockholders Equity lectures. I chose the dinner and movie and had a fun time but still felt guilty.

• Walk the dogs or do homework questions for FAR 4. Sorry pups. I had to do the questions, but they did get more treats than usual.

• Go to the gym or get a head start on FAR 5. I chose FAR 5 but regretted the decision since my exercise has really declined since studying for the CPA.

So what we can take from my decisions is that for the most part I tried to make decisions to not throw me off completely (although at times it is super difficult), my house is probably not nearly as clean as it should be, and my dogs (and me) are probably gaining some weight due to the lack of exercise.

I think it is important to throw in movie nights or drinks with friends on occasion because otherwise you will burn out, which has happened to me on numerous occasions, but finding the balance between the fun stuff and studying has always been the toughest part for me. On an up note, Roger helped me actually understand pensions this time, which for some reason was always a brutal topic for me.

This week’s goal is FAR 5 & FAR 6 which will be difficult given that the hubby and I are going up to the mountains for the weekend. Just means I will have a lot of early morning study session over the weekend and will be practicing the NINJA's Early, Lunch, Late plan religiously. Good luck to all those testing this week!!!

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Binh 13 years ago

I think everyone will eventually get burn out with this exam. This is a long distance race and you should not try to squeeze in information when you are drained from months of study.Just take a short break and tell yourself to come back harder. If you plan to spend time with friends and family this weekend, then wake up 15-20mins earlier each day to make up for it. Good Luck!

Shawn 13 years ago

Haha, you may have come up with the greatest motivation to study. If I schedule cleaning constantly, just might get through all the material in a week...