Panic Leads to New Study Plan

12 Aug 2011

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So I was on Another71 last week reading everyone’s blogs, and I came across Jeff’s tips for studying if you are 20 days out, and Panic set in! I was diligently listening to my lectures and was on schedule (well a wrong schedule, but was still on a schedule).

I don’t know what I thought when I laid out my calendar, but I definitely didn’t allocate enough time to get everything done. My test is on the 17th so last week I scrapped the rest of my lectures… luckily I only had governmental and not-for-profit left, and I am pretty strong in those topics.

So I finished up my first round of multiple choice questions (every question suggested by Roger CPA Review) and now I am in crazy rewrite my notes mode. I have skipped this step in the past when I am in a rush but I urge you NOT to. Although it seems tedious, it really does help force things to memory that will inevitably be on the test!

I plan to have my rewriting done by Saturday, and then I will rework all multiple choice questions on topics that I didn’t do so hot on during the first time. Then I will continue doing multiple choice questions in 20 question increments until I am getting a strong 80% in each topic.

I will also have my notebook with me wherever I go, along with Jeff’s NINJA Study Guide to reread numerous times.

Wish me luck. I will let you know how it goes.

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JoMarie 13 years ago

Good Luck!!

TARA 13 years ago

Best Wishes for beast of all!