Life Happens While you Study for the CPA Exam

17 Jun 2011

Club 75 Candidate Bloggers

By Kricket

Kricket is a weekly Club 75 Blogger as she documents her journey through the CPA Exam. She has been a member of's Club 75 since May 2009.

This Week in Review:

Since I started writing this blog, almost all of my posts have been on Wednesday so I feel like this is the end of the week for me. I’ve spent most of the past week listening to lectures and watching Roger CPA Review lectures.

I’ve noticed a few phrases that seem to be cropping up a lot in my conversations this week. So here I go with my week in one-line sound bites…

Why is there water coming from under the kitchen cabinet door?
What do you mean the bank needs those financial statements today?
Clean your plate!
I’m not a miracle worker.
Are you kidding me?
How much is a new garbage disposal?
Have you had a bath?
No, I don’t know what is for supper.
Where is all of this freaking water coming from?
Your payroll tax deposit is due today!
Not the dishwasher too!
Why do I only have 239 kbps when I’m paying for a boatload more?
I hate our ISP!
My hand hurts from taking all of these notes.
I’m almost through with your sales taxes.
Why is my internet down again?
Yes, Dr. I have taken all of the medicine and I still feel bad.
How do you break a kitchen faucet?
Why in the blue blazes is my internet down again?
Now there is water everywhere!
I really hate our ISP!
The towels are in the dryer.
What do you mean you lost a $500 cell phone?
Go take a bath!
Why is the internet down!!!!!!


I’ve been kicking myself all week, especially last weekend, for not getting in enough study time but the truth is … life happens!

Family and kids don’t do everything they are told and work doesn’t go as expected. That’s just life. I wanted to be through REG 2 by tonight but that didn’t happen. I didn’t expect to have to replace almost all of the inner workings of my kitchen sink either but it got done. I

could beat myself up but that wouldn’t change the fact that I didn’t get as much accomplished as I wanted. Eventually, it will all get done, the laundry, the sales tax, payroll taxes, financial statements and son of mine will be clean at least once a day and fed regularly. I can only control those things that are within my control and unfortunately the ISP and the repeated buffering of my review course are way beyond my abilities.

Just to squelch any rumblings of my not trying hard enough or not wanting a CPA license enough to put everything aside to study, let me set the record straight right now.

I am my harshest critic. I’m not making excuses for my failures and I’m not justifying taking time away from studying. I’m a realistic person and I know that I have responsibilities outside of the CPA exam.

We all do.

I was starting to let all of this get to me this morning when I got in my car to go to work and heard a song. One silly little song called “Little Wonders” from a really cute movie called “Meet the Robinsons”. Suddenly everything fell into perspective. The first post I ever read on Jeff’s blog was about that movie and about “moving forward”. I was starting to let myself get drug backwards into a pit of despair over not getting enough done. But my “I get to do this” attitude came back really quickly by just hearing one silly little song on the radio.

Tonight, my ISP is still not cooperating so I spent the evening writing and re-writing the mnemonics that Roger gives you to memorize. I love those by the way! I can remember funny a lot easier than I can remember BORING! I’m feeling very confident that tomorrow at 4:30am when I roll out of bed, the ISP will be sending me everything that I am paying for and I can finish up watching REG 2 and then get off to work. No more kicking myself. No more beating myself up. Just moving forward!

Now if the AICPA will move forward and give me a passing Audit score and let me see just how badly I failed REG in April then everything will be moving in the right direction. But then again, that is out of my control.


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Jeff - 13 years ago

Fantastic write-up, Kricket!

Allyson 13 years ago

Kricket, I love reading your blogs!

Wendy 13 years ago

Glad I am not the only one SICK OF WAITING for my test results....