Romantic Valentine’s Day? Not This Year.

10 Feb 2011

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Valentine’s Day.

Is it a day to spend with my boyfriend? No.

Is it a day to relax and eat chocolate? No. (Well, at least not the relax part).

This Valentine’s Day, I will be plunging myself into the depths of accounting madness. I will be reading my notes and reviewing the simulations that I have done. I have put in the suggested 6-8 weeks of AUD study at about 20 hours per week. I used some of that time as a final review to go over my weaker subjects and have done my practice exams.

I reviewed Audit Sampling and Audit Transaction cycles with ease. I still wonder how much International Standards on Auditing are going to appear on the exam. I read they probably will not be heavily tested in the first quarter of this year. I will see on Tuesday.

When I sit down to study, the first thing I do is write down the date, the time, the subject, and how many days I have until the exam, just to keep that day in perspective. Exam day is less than a week away. I was ready to retake the AUD exam as soon as I heard my near pass score in the last testing window.

I decided to calm down, take my time, and go through everything again. I had to take into account the extra hours of work needed for this time of year as well. I would have liked to have done AUD and REG in this quarter but I want to make sure I pass and keep my 2011 schedule.

I also plan on getting in some exercise in which would help me take my mind off the exam for a little while. My preparation on exam day is nothing special. Eat something light and healthy and get enough sleep.

I have no problem with the 30 minutes less to take the AUD exam. I have the estimated times I need to finish each section and I usually come in earlier than planned.

I feel confident. I can see how much that I have improved from taking my practice exams. The simulations are not as scary as I thought they were.

It is going to be a good day!


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Allyson 13 years ago

I hear ya about Valentine's Day. It's crunch time this week. Best of luck to you. You will pass it this time - you were so close and you put so much effort in this time.

Hattie 13 years ago

Thank you Allyson. I appreciate the encouragement. Good luck to you too.

Stephanie 13 years ago

Good luck Hattie! You seem to be extremely prepared.

Hattie 13 years ago

Thanks Steph.