Drop-Kicking AUD (and laptops)

18 Feb 2011

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Hattie is a new weekly Club 75 Blogger as she documents her journey through the CPA Exam. She has been a member of Another71.com's Club 75 since January 2011.

How did it go?

It went okay.

75% ok?

I hope so.

Exam day went as planned. I got up at a reasonable hour and did a little review. After doing a couple of errands, I was able to eat a healthy lunch. Near the exam site, I sat at a coffee shop to go over my notes. I arrived half an hour early at the exam site and took the exam.

After the exam my mind and body was still in exam taking mode. Questions and answers were still swirling around in my head. The questions I was unsure of are winding down after going through my study materials. The tension in my neck is slowing relaxing. I am back to drinking water; in the past couple of months it has been exclusively only caffeinated drinks.

In my calculations of the possible scoring scenarios, I determined the simulations are going to be the problem. I had plenty of time to do the simulations, enough time to do the best I could with what I knew about the material. I started to change my answers and decided to end the exam with some time left.

I feel hesitant to say I passed because the last two times I was a few points short (3 and 4 points to be exact). It is hard to get a feel on how you did until get your score. My professor in college would say that taking exams is a celebration of your knowledge. It was annoying at the time but I did the work, and the scores should reflect that. This exam is done. I am now ready to wait for the results.

I am taking it easy for the rest of the week; easy meaning just work, running the household, and staying healthy. This is a busy time of year for work, but I have learned that there is no good time to take the exams. So, I am moving forward to the next one.

Sometime this week, I will start to construct my study plan for REG. REG is set for April 9th. I will be evaluating my strengths and weaknesses and building my study plan around that. This planning ahead method has given me peace of mind that I have done the best that I could.

Getting a new laptop is not on the list of to-do and I hope the one I have will last. My laptop has taken a beating over years and has been with me throughout this whole examination process. It is essential for my studying because I mostly study outside my house. The battery is loose and disc reader needs to be shaken to work. It is probably because I accidentally dropped kicked it when I tried to put it in my car one day. It needs to last just one more exam, maybe.

I would rather study for Regulation than Auditing. REG is one of my stronger subjects, and passing this time will not be a problem.


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RJ 13 years ago

Is the material updated (IFRS) for 2011 and what makes your system work?

Hattie 13 years ago

Yes, the exam had the updated material. My study plan works for me because I allow myself enough time to get through all of the lectures and questions once. And I spend additional time on my weaker areas by reworking missed questions and writing notes to help with learning the material. I have my exam day set so I keep my focus and motivation.