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    Can someone guide me? So I'm sitting for my AUD retake 5 days from now. My NINJA monthly subscription just ended today. I have done all the questions 75% trending. Should I renew my subscription or just go over my notes again?. I am yet to give the AICPA Sample exam.

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    AUD - 73

    BEC - 85

    FAR - 82

    REG -  88

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    You should know that better than anyone else. Just ask yourself what are your weak areas and practice MCQs on them, then review the main topics.

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    I would renew my subscription and practice more MCQ's unless you're only subsidizing your studying with Ninja and you have another test bank via Becker/Roger/etc. Try to do around 1000 MCQs at a minimum? Audit MCQs are faster to get through because they don't have a lot of calculation questions. Are you taking notes on the questions you're missing? Focus on the underlying concepts around those questions that you're consistently missing. Good luck!

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    I agree with @Club74, the last 7 days leading up to your exam is VERY VERY IMPORTANT. I suggest you renew your subscription, hammer MCQ, practice a few SIMS. When you finish your exam, you can ask jeff for a section switch and switch to your next exam. All the best.

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    BEC - 84
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