PV rounding on BEC?

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    I'm using Wiley questions and those about NPV and PV usually give the PV and PVA factors to you. I use Excel 24/7 in job, in college, in life and plan to use it for the exam. But of course Excel's PV formula will give you an answer that's a few $ different from Wiley's MCQ answer due to rounding of the factors (excel is more accurate of course). THis is fine for MCQs, but will any of these questions also be on the TBS?

    If so, what are the rounding tolerances for the MCQ fill-in-the blank with $ amount boxes?

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    If I remember corrected they provide the tolerances in the question.
    I feel like round to the nearest dollar might have been the instruction but really can't remember.
    Suggest checking out the AICPA sample SIMs to review the instructions for any clues.
    Words of advice when using excel on the exam. Don't slip up and fall down a rabbit hole. Excel is a blessing and a curse if you are OCD and NEED things to match. Trust me, I fell into that trap. Always be aware of the ticking clock.

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