Q2 2019 BEC Experience – Harder 2nd Testlet & Incomplete WC?

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    I sat for BEC yesterday, and am wondering how to interpret my experience. I have seen people on here say they received a “harder” 2nd testlet that was full of theory (non calculation) questions. I am stronger in those topics and theory based MCQs, so it felt very manageable to me. Can anyone that has passed BEC confirm from their performance report that a harder 2nd testlet may be mostly application/theory based?

    Also, I ran out of time on the WC and was only able to put one introductory sentence down for the last writing prompt before the time expired. Unless that last WC was the pretest, I'm afraid I lost myself a full 7.5% of the exam. Does anyone know if I may receive any credit for one Complete sentence a WC, and is it possibly to pass without completing one of the WC?

    AUD - 76
    BEC - 80
    FAR - 74
    REG - 78
    "This too shall pass."
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