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    First! Behind Jeff.

    Also, my last day studying for BEC

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    Is anyone using Becker to study for BEC? If so, please tell me Olinto doesn't do all of the chapters. I learn MUCH better from Tim's lectures. :'(

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    He does them all but one (B4). You will get used to him though. I did…

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    Oh boy, thanks for the info. I guess I will just have to get through it… LABOR DAY WEEKEND BEC PARTY!

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    Hello all! Hoping this will be a great study group this quarter! Taking BEC beginning of October

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    art vandalay

    Hey all. Looking to start studying mid September. I have 2013 Becker BEC book. Do you think that is good? My WTB expired also from my 10 point combo last year. Should I get NINJA MCQ instead?

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    Just submitted my first-time app through NASBA! I hear it takes up to four weeks to receive NTS but I am hoping to take BEC at the end of October and FAR at the end of November.

    Just purchased the Ten Point Combo and I have last year's CPAexcel books as well.

    Good luck all!!

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    I'll be taking BEC the second week of October. Just started studying, and I don't think it'll be too bad!

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    I'll be taking BEC in the beginning of October and started studying last Sunday. Oh, hope this will go better than FAR did.

    Still alive and kicking.
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    Checking in. Taking beginning of October!

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    taking BEC 10/4. GL everyone in here 🙂

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    Taking BEC on 10/18.. if i can get through B2. I literally don't know a damn thing in this half of the chapter. haha uye!

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    Taking the test first of October. This will be my third time taking just missed by a few points. Good Luck to all!!

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    I am in. 🙂 Good luck and God bless to us All!

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    I have been studying for the CPA for 4 years now and only have BEC left. I already took BEC back in 2010 but lost the credit. I just opened my 2014 Becker book and saw the test breakdown. 85 points mc and 15 points written com. I was thinking it was wrong. I looked back in my 2012 BEC book and saw that it said 60 and 40. I really like that it is 85 and 15. Any idea when that changed?

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    Taking BEC mid October, after taking 3 tests in the last 3 months I am doing everything in my power to resist the urge to smash my computer when an MCQ pops up that is longer than 3 words…I think BEC is going to be tough for me to get motivated for.

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    Took FAR at the end of August. Starting BEC tonight, have it scheduled for Oct 4th.

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    I'll be taking BEC the 4th as well! Ready to get this thing over with! I have 2 more sections to go over until I start my nitty gritty final review. I'm getting burnt out..hopefully this whole process will be allll over in november! gah.

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    Financial statements of a nonissuer that have been reviewed by an accountant should be accompanied by a report stating that a review:

    a. Includes examining, on a test basis, information that is the representation of management.

    b. Provides only limited assurance that the financial statements are fairly presented.

    c. Does not contemplate obtaining corroborating evidential matter or applying certain other procedures ordinarily performed during an audit.

    d. Is substantially less than in scope than an audit.

    I answered D and I was correct. But why is B not correct as well? This was Becker's justification:

    Choice “b” is incorrect. While a review does provide only limited (negative) assurance, this statement is not explicitly stated in the accountant's review report.

    That doesn't make any sense since per Becker's notes for Reporting on Reviews: “Paragraph should include: State that those standards require the accountant to perform procedures to obtain limited assurance that there are no material modifications that should be made to the financial statements.

    I'm thoroughly confused…

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    Joining the club!

    REG: 5/09/14 (81)

    AUD: 8/31/14 (waiting on score)

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    Me too … just finished corp governance, and did all the NINJA Mcqs. Will start with financial management, hopefully be done with it by the end of this weekend.

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    @Club300 don't be confused, you read the choices wrong.

    There's a big difference between “Provides only limited assurance that the financial statements are fairly presented” and

    ” …obtaining limited assurance that there are no material modifications that should be made to the financial statements”

    “…fairly presented…” is not the same as “…no material modifications…”

    Got it??

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    Does the B in BEC stand for BORING?

    I'll see myself out…

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    @on2sum, thanks for the clarification – that makes sense.

    I also realized that I posted this in the BEC section (The exam I just took a week ago)

    I'm on audit now!! Here's hoping I don't go back to studying for BEC (keeping fingers crossed)

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    @art vandalay – I would recommend getting the Ninja MCQ's. I also used WTB as a supplement for AUD & FAR. I passed both sections and I like WTB. I started using Ninja MCQ for BEC and at first I didn't like because you don't have the ability to filter, but then I finally got up to the adaptive questions and it became a game for me. It made studying exciting… if that's possible. I bought it late in my BEC studying process, but it gave me some clarity in a couple of areas i was struggling with. I don't know if Jeff is still running the special but if you put in the code HIYA you can get it for $40. Good Luck!

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    67 :/

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    Alright..I'll defeat BEC if it kills me!!!

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    To all those newbies do not take BEC for granted. I passed FAR, AUD and REG all on the first try and then missed BEC twice by a couple points.

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