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    Gleim or Ninja BEC test bank has many TBS questions?
    I've been using Wiley and it has only a few (about 4…) TBS
    moreover, i already got used to Wiley MCQs
    so, i want to try a different test bank..
    which test bank would you recommend, Gleim or Ninja (or any other) for BEC?
    thank you in advance!!

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    Heard Gleim and Ninja have the best test banks. You should try free trial and see which one you like more.

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    My 2 cents. I've used Wiley in combination with Ninja for studying BEC, and I didn't really utilize the Ninja MCQs or Sims all that much, I really just focused on the Wiley MCQs. I felt it did help to review the AICPA sample test for BEC, as those simulations were a close representation on what to expect come exam today. If you are set on wanting to try out another test bank, as mentioned above, I would try a free trial. Good luck!

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    Current list of NINJA BEC Sims/WC

    WC: COSO ERM Framework
    WC: SOX
    WC: SOX 404
    WC: Audit Committee
    WC: COSO Internal Control
    WC: Internal Controls
    WC: Market Structure
    WC: Business Cycle
    WC: Product Life Cycle
    WC: Client’s Credit Policy
    SIM: Activity-Based Costing
    WC: Allowance for Doubtful Accounts
    WC: Forward Contracts
    WC: Manufacturing Cost
    WC: Cost Behavior
    WC: Financial Statements
    WC: Spoilage
    WC: Activity-Based Costing
    WC: Standard Costing
    WC: Responsibility Accounting
    WC: Delphi Method
    WC: Benchmarking
    WC: Concentration & Diversification
    WC: Topology Overview
    WC: Cloud Storage
    WC: Telecommuting
    WC: Disaster Recovery
    WC: Segregation of Duties
    WC: LIFO vs FIFO
    SIM: Corporate Governance
    SIM: Corporate Governance
    SIM: Cost Accounting
    SIM: Process Costing
    SIM: Comparative Advantage
    SIM: Price Elasticity
    SIM: National Economy
    SIM: Financial Formulas
    SIM: Investment Evaluation Methods
    SIM: Accounts Receivable
    SIM: Emerging Technologies
    SIM: Cloud & Cyber-Security
    SIM: Build vs Buy
    SIM: Direct vs Absorption Costing
    SIM: Expected Value
    SIM: Budgeting: Master, Static and Flexible
    WC: Economic Indicators
    SIM: Financial Statement Analysis
    SIM: Performance Measurement
    WC: Capital Budgeting Decision
    SIM: Financial Statement Analysis

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    @Jeff !!
    thanks for the details on TBS and WC
    that's exactly what i wanted to know!!! 🙂

    and @CPAHOPE and @CH89
    thanks for your advise!

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    REG - Passed

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    BEC - Scheduled for Feb 2020 - PASSSSED!!!!!

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