How many chapters BEC Can I study full time in 3 days?

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    Hi all,

    How many chapters do you think I can study for BEC full time in 3 days? I’m using Becker and I’m almost done with chapter 2 out of 6. I asked for a few days off so I can catchup on my study. I’m scheduled to take the exam on 8/15..

    I appreciate any advise on how I can maximize my study time in those days.



    Well it depends. Assess yourself critically. Did you do well in school because you were super focused student? Or were you just an average student like me? If you're already super focused, you should get through the materials fairly quickly. I, on the other hand will need some time to get through the materials. If i get through the materials too quickly, i tend to retain nothing. Find the right balance where you can retain the materials and manage efficiency well.

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    Ask for how much you can remember in 3 days and not how many chapters to study. Aim to finish your chapters by end of July and be OKAY with most of the materials by 7/31. Spend first 10 days of August doing only the test questions. Leave last 5 days to chill / vacation and catch the news on COVID-19.

    I was able to get through BEC in a month and passed. Studying only 3 hours a day while working full time. I did my study on the train, 1.5 hours to the office and 1.5 hours back. When I get home I am done and I can watch TV.

    If you are creative enough you can study anywhere. I saw a Hindu tax driver on the street this morning, using his laptop in the parking lot to do programming when waiting for his shift to start working.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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