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    Hey gang! I just passed the last part of my CPA exam and I am trying to switch firms. However, I have a black mark on my resume. After high school I attended a prominent engineering school and eventually went on to flunk out. I didn't study and all my roommates were sales majors.. I could come up with more “excuses” but I won't put you through that. I switched schools and eventually graduated from a lesser known college with a 3.5 in accounting. I am currently at a top 100 accounting firm but our clients are terrible and I do not see myself staying here very long. Unfortunately, my college history does not make switching jobs very easy. I am considering getting a masters in accountancy and leveraging this to try and get a better job. Am I crazy? Any advice would be appreciated!

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    I would say getting a Master in Accounting after having your CPA is a big waster of time and money.
    Perhaps Master in Accounting for you would be easier than other majors (e.g. theory, repetition, and papers.)
    Maybe it would look good on the resume, but no real value.
    Information Systems or Cyber Security is your best choice.
    However, these majors are going to be kind of challenging for your if your background on them is not much, but you still can do it.
    In addition they usually take you 2 years instead of most Master in Accounting takes 1 year.
    Good luck!

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    I wouldn't if I were in your shoes but its your call! You have already leveraged your job prospect by getting your CPA. As you know, CPA is highly regarded license globally so I do not think its necessarily to get your masters in accountancy unless you really want to study more in accounting. I would rather spent time studying more about information technology since we will gradually enter into artificial intelligence era

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    Why is your engineering record on your resume? A lot of people have a false start but recover like you did when they land in the right spot. You would have to enter it on a complete job application to be truthful but that is a formality. I don’t think a masters in accounting is a waste because you have the cpa because you will learn more advanced material. But, I don’t think you necessarily need a masters either. Get your license and with your experience you should be able to move forward. Try a specialization like fraud or IT, treasury or financial analyst before you drop thousands on a formal degree. Quit apologizing for mistakes you have already corrected and learned from and pursue the career you want. Good luck!

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    I have a MAcc and I will say I would not be in the position that I am in without it. I got mine after college and prior to my CPA, though. I had an undergraduate degree in economics, so I needed it to get into accounting. As you get later in your career most positions at the Director, VP or CFO level require or prefer a grad degree in either accounting, finance or an MBA. If you are looking to boost your resume and get a grad degree I would highly recommend getting a masters in finance. It will not only give you that boost you are looking for, but will give you the skill sets that will allow you to excel in the private industry and also to eventually become a CFO. A MAcc would be redundant to your undergrad/CPA although it’s a very attractive degree to have. Also, if you get your masters in finance you could always pursue your CFA in the future. If you are in tax I would get your MBT since in order to be a manager at many large firms you really need your MBT and most get theirs after a CPA, so the idea of getting a grad degree after your CPA is very valid. A MAcc could be easy for you if you want to just pad the stats though, with a super high GPA, but I’d go the finance or MBT route if I were you. Also, I wouldn’t worry too much about your past. I would only include the school that you got your accounting degree from on your resume and grad date. No need to get too detailed with your checkered initial college situation. Good luck!

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