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    Hey all,

    I interned almost a year ago at a Big 4 firm and received my full time offer. My offer states that I must maintain a 3.0 in both accounting and overall. I am in my MAcc program and received a 3.5 last semester but still have this semester and summer courses to take. I finished undergrad with a 3.0 in accounting, and a higher overall gpa. I go to a very difficult top 10 program and am worried my tax 2 class will drop my accounting gpa below a 3.0 since almost everyone gets a C in it. That is only if the firm will continue to use my undergraduate accounting gpa. If they don't use it, my graduate gpa is a lot higher and I have nothing to worry about.

    Does anyone know how the firms calculate the gpa for new hires? Will they use both my undergraduate gpa and my graduate? Or only look at my graduate gpa?

    Thank you


    If you are currently enrolled in school and they ask you to maintain a GPA above 3.0, they are talking about your current program, not undergrad. Since you already completed that and showed you maintained a 3.0 they probably just want to make sure you do not blow off your remaining classes just because you have a job offer already.

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    They don't calculate the GPA for new hires. You will be required to send your transcript to a third party company where they verify your GPA for the firms. At least that's how mine did.

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    Which Big 4 did you work for?


    it sounds like EY. I know EY requires you to maintain your GPA.

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    Cpa1234 is right, and that's something that should've been implemented a long time ago, but in my personal and not so subtle opinion, the Big 4 sucks at recruiting. I remember in my MAcc program I didn't get a Fall offer along with some others, bad year and my university did little to nothing to help us find a job at an accounting firm, but some lucked out cause they have the “right” personality, however the heck those recruiters can determine that from a 30 minute interview. Anyways, so many people in my program barely studied and worked knowing the university would just give them C-‘s to pass cause they were way too afraid to fail students cause they wanted to keep their good relationships with the Big 4. It seemed so wrong and unethical that so many students would get get an early offer, and rely on that and after working so hard to get a good GPA, decided to do nothing and pass courtesy of the university's fears. One person was very close to failing, he was getting exam scores in the 10's and 20's and never submitted the homework. So since I'm clearly not bitter at all or think lowly of Big 4 recruiters, I just over-explained that Cpa1234 is right and why he's right and why now they care about your GPA going forward.

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