CPA or EA?

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    Hi everybody, I'm living in California. My family own accountant firm. My parents have EA. Currently, I only have CTEC license which I can only prepare taxes. However, right after I graduated with MBA last month I decided to get CPA. I plan to start to study CPA next month. Why do I want CPA? It is because it is something I always want to add it to my family's firm. Also, my firm is not just only do taxes, we do many things that CPA do. I also plan to take EA classes this fall because last tax season I notice that I have lot of new clients who is from different states. I did their taxes with my parents' help, I feel that if I obtain EA license I'll able to represent and do taxes for anybody in USA. I would like to know what is your thought?


    I have an EA, it was great for getting my foot in the door, plus I can have POA over my clients to handle notices in the summer. EA is much quicker, I had it done in 4 months so you can do it before next tax season. You state you work for your family's firm and parents are EA's. How do you plan on getting 2,000 hours experience under a CPA if you don't have a CPA at your firm?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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