Is Ninja Audio for Reg really worth it?

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    I just feel that $90+ for a 2.5 hour audio file is pretty steep. At the same time I do live in the country's worst traffic region which turns a 35 minute commute into a 105 minute commute. I feel like listening to the Ninja Audio on repeat while sitting in traffic until my test could be beneficial. Any insight from those who purchesed the Ninja Audio for Reg??

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    I received a two day free Ninja Audio by completing the 500 MCQ challenge and I must say that it did actually help. I can only imagine it being that much more helpful in your case when your stuck in traffic for nearly two hours.

    I suggest listening to the free demo while driving and see how it works for you.

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    Although part of me agrees that the price is a little high, but the other part of me says if it helps you pass it is invaluable.

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    I agree the price is steep, but with your commute this is definitely worth it! I have the Ninja Audio for REG and it has helped reinforce concepts tremendously. If you have a commute that is over an hour and a half this will be worth the money. I have a five minute commute, but I listen to REG audio other times I get the chance…even while washing dishes (ok not all the time, but I try to sometimes).

    Just think – if this helps you pass REG, you have just saved yourself a bunch of study time and a lot of test fees.

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    I used the NINJA audio for all of the sections and loved it. Easily worth the asking price.

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    REG is the only section I didn't buy the audio for because it was the first exam I took and I passed on the first try. I also didn't buy it for my FAR attempt, but then I failed so I bought NINJA Audio for my retake – I loved it. After that I bought it right from the beginning for AUD and BEC.

    My commute was 40 minutes and I listened to and from work every day. I thought NINJA Audio was great and had no problem paying for it. I did buy the 10-point combos though so I could also get the notes.

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    I would say definitely get it. It was a huge help for me to be able to listen to it while driving or just to listed to when reading the ninja notes. It really helps when listening to it repeatedly to drive in things that you may have trouble remembering. I would be sitting in my exam and things Jeff would say about a particular subject on the audio would pop into my head when I would be working those questions.

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    CPA soon

    It's good because it's only 2.5 hours, just a good refresher to help you not forget and go over it quickly, I liked it. Though it does not dive into the details, it reenforces things in your head. I think it's good for Reg.

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    With a 100 minute commute, you can listen to it 3x a week x 4 weeks until your exam = 12x

    That's like paying me $3 an hour to sit in the car with you and discuss Tax and BLaw while in traffic 🙂

    Jeff Elliott, CPA (KS)
    NINJA CPA Review
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    I had initially bought it only for REG as it was my first exam and I have to say it helped me. I then bought the entire thing since it would be cheaper then buying it section by section. It helped me for FAR and it DEFINITELY helped me for AUD! The AUD audio has been my favorite so far. I haven't listened to BEC yet. Jeff isn't paying me to say this, I'd recommend getting all 4 sections at once.

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    We need a reply button at the bottom of posts thatt will quote who we are talking to.

    now i don't even know what I was going to say, so pretty irrelevant

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    It's sooooo helpful. After using it for FAR, I decided it's a must-have for my other sections.

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    Thanks everyone for your honest feedback. I'll most likely be purchasing it tonight :). I've been slacking with my Reg studying because I just started my full-time job on Monday so this could only help!

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    I am interested to see what you think after the exam. During each test I can remember reciting several parts of the program. You already have 3 done so you might just stick to what you are doing, BUT the notes and audio create an awesome framework. I am excited to see you finish strong!!!

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    Thanks so much. I definitely haven't committed to the same study plan as my previous 3 exams because I just moved out of state to start my job, so I've been focused on adjusting to these changes instead of Reg. I plan on studying today for the first time in a while. I appreciate your encouragement though!

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    If you haven't purchased it yet, I show the REG audio is 4.5 hours. I think it's longer than the FAR audio! And very well worth it.

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    From a 61 to an 84. Yeah, I'd say it was worth EVERY FREAKING PENNY AND MORE!!!

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    It really depends on what sort of ‘learner' you are. There is auditory, visual, kinesthetic, and one other – can't remember.

    Most are a mixture of 2 or more with stronger preferences toward one.

    I am kinesthetic, visual, and auditory, in that order.

    I've found that just listening to the audio over the past 2 weeks – over and over and over and over again is really helping to keep my mind in that ‘mode', if you will.

    Now that I'm in my last 3 days (exam is tomorrow) of total immersion in the books (took 3 days off work), and I'm going through my MCQ's, I can hear Jeff telling me the answers – it's really great! Especially the goofy associations he uses – really helps to remember them!

    I was very hesitant to purchase the audio – I have 2 kids and a wife depending on my piddly salary (waaaay down in the tax brackets) – I went ahead and sprung for them and ultimately, I'm glad I did – I'm sure you'll say the same once you've been listening to them several times.

    Also, I'm not sure of the copyrights, but I made CD's of the audio too so that I could listen to them in my shaggin' wagon – er, minivan. Obviously, they're for my personal use and will NOT be selling the copies – besides, what good are they in a year when everything changes?? haha

    So – I listen to the audio: While I'm working (luckily I have my job mastered and no longer need to put forth a whole lot of thinking), while I'm running, while I'm driving to work, and last night – while I was making deer jerky!

    Best of luck to you!!

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    @Jeff – I just read a bit of the demo, would you recommend re-writing in such a short time frame?

    Or any suggestions?

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    Posted this to the wrong one lol. Ignore that.

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    I spent the past two weeks listening to REG while repainting my whole house. Yes, it has helped! There were plenty of small details not in Becker that were mentioned or things that helped clarify or just remind and keep it fresh.

    I used it for BEC and listened on the hour drive to the testing center – something in that small time frame was on my exam and I got it right because of that LOL. There's nothing wrong with tapping multiple methods. Books, MCQs, audio files – diversity only ever helps. Edited to clarify, I first bought BEC because I was also commuting 2 1/2 hrs each way to work so I thought what the heck, don't waste that time.

    AUD - 85
    BEC - 86
    FAR - 83
    REG - 84
    Coffee is my favorite coworker.
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    Thank you Kodiak! I may try that!!!

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