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    Hi, I am new to the forums. Here is my situation. I work full time, and travel to clients. I can listen to anything at my desk with 1 ear bud, sometimes 2. I currently have All the becker materials (lectures, final review, flash cards), and when I try to listen to the lecture (4 hours worth) while working not much seems to stick. Even though I viewed the lecture already, and went to the class.

    I listened to the demo of the exams for the ones that will be coming up, but want to hear more opinions as I paying a lot for becker already.

    BEC:75 (expired 1/31/17)
    FAR: 59, 64, 61, 72
    Reg: 71, 75 (Expired 3/31/2017)
    AUD: 74, 75 (expires 1/31/2018)

    The demo should give you a good idea if you can stand my Kansas twang 🙂

    Here is some additional feedback:

    Jeff Elliott, CPA (KS)
    NINJA CPA Review

    i got ninja audio for AUD and BEC. imo it is absolutely necessary for audit!!! it is fantastic!! BEC is a little harder because of the formulas that are harder to follow without seeing them but would still definitely recommend it!

    AUD - 75
    BEC - 77
    FAR - 78
    REG - 82
    AUD: 61-67-75 (Thanks ninja aud)
    BEC: 77
    FAR: 78

    I recommend the audio also. I can't comment on the Becker audio lecturte because I do not have it, but I think ANY audio lecture is hard to absorb when you are at your desk working.

    I tried to use the NINJA audio at my desk, but I found I just couldn't follow because I had to concentrate at work…and accounting principals are not something you can just put on in the background and absorb.

    I do find the lectures perfect for when I'm driving in the car.


    Yes! Get the Ninja Audio!


    I love the NINJA Audio. I have REG playing on a loop constantly while I'm at work. I can't listen to it with laser focus all the time, but every once in a while I'll get something and it'll stick. The simple trust being a simple child who can only say “no” is the best one so far that's popped in to my head and helped me answer questions.

    My 4 year old has a different opinion of the audio (“MOM. Not AGAIN!”) but heck with him. 😉


    Yes! I've bought it for all my exams so far. I think they were integral for AUD and REG. it really does help you better understand your review material.


    I passed only BEC so far. Ninja audio definitely contributed to my pass. I listened so many times I could recite it almost word for word.


    I would recommend the Ninja Audio. I'm taking FAR today and in the midst of studying, I ran across several questions where I said, “Hey, I remember Jeff mentioning that in the audio notes!”


    The audio is especially worth it if you drive a lot. I have all he materials but because I commute every day, I haven't removed the NINJA audio disc from my CD player in over a year. Every single time I'm in the car, whether a quick hop to Starbucks or a commute to work… just play it until you get sick of it and can finish Jeff's sentences. Don't stop once u understand everything, and don't shut it off if you aren't focused, just keep playing it ad nauseum.

    If you have an outline of a topic seared into your mind, you can focus on the minutia without losing an understanding of the overall structure.

    A lot of people work full time, but you have to set time aside each evening. I come home at 7PM and study eight to eleven or midnight. I'm fat, and my pants don't fit as well as they used to. When I fly on business, I take an early flight and spend all of Sunday studying. In the car, your best bet is Ninja audio.


    I love Ninja Audio. I believe it has helped a lot. I am taking my exam tomorrow and I working through the ninja blitz because it is basically the audio but you can see the slides while he is going through it. I think all of his products help. I haven't tried the Ninja MCQ. Hope this helps.

    Determined CPA

    Zieba you post cracked me up!

    I love the audio! I highly recommend all of Jeff's products. I think of it like it can't make you worse off. Plus his material is reasonably priced so if you can swing it, I say try it out.


    From a low of 61 in REG to an 84. The only thing I added was the Ninja Audio! So is it worth it? Yeah!!


    omg Becker audio lecture exists?

    DO NOT TELL ME TIM GEARTY'S IN IT. i would absolutely go postal at the office if I have to hear his voice again




    definitely worth it! 🙂


    Ninja audio is worth EVERY penny. You should get it.

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