Ninja Blitz vs Ninja Audio

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    Ninja Blitz vs Ninja Audio other than the obvious that one is audio and other is video… is there any difference? Does Ninja Audio go more in depth on topics?

    AUD - PASS

    FAR - PASS

    REG - PASS

    BEC - PASS


    Was wondering this also.


    I think Blitz might go into more detail. It has the advantage of being able to give you nice bullet points.

    Ninja Audio is a good general overview and lines up well with Ninja Notes (kind of like he is reading the notes to you). I really liked the audio since I could listen to it over and over while I was driving.


    Pssst. If you buy blitz right now – you'll get ninja audio with it.

    (don't tell anyone!)

    Jeff Elliott, CPA (KS)
    NINJA CPA Review
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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