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    I purchased Ninja Notes for all 4 sections and i'm currently studying for FAR. I've planned in advance and I have about 1 week for each chapter of Far, and a couple weeks for review.

    I read the instructions on the packet, and i've stopped highlighting the becker book, and started watching the video and taking notes in a note pad.

    One thing i'm struggling with is that the chapters and arrangement of the Ninja notes I received for far don't match the layout/chapters of the Becker FAR book. I figured I could take my own notes from the video/book then reference directly to the Ninja notes, but I spend more time searching for the appropriate topic.

    I'm not sure if this is because I have started early with the 2012 Becker FAR book/video (friends), and it will end up matching exactly to the 2013 Becker material when I receive it, or if this is normal.

    Could somebody recommend the best combination/timing of watching the becker videos, taking notes, using the ninja notes, and doing the multiple choice?

    I'm struggling here, and only feel like i've been able to read and take notes so far.


    I haven't used Becker but Id say get through that first, then use the ninja notes to reinforce what you've learned.


    Did you do the multiple choice questions as you went through each chapter, or did you save them for review? Also did you re-write notes?



    What works well for me is to print the ninja notes four to a sheet (using the remainder of the real estate for note taking), then number them, and then create my own front table of contents for quick access. I scribble ravenously throughout my 20 or so pages of ninja notes. The notes themselves are awesome, and really do provide the backbone of the basics to memorize, and probably pass the exam. I personally need alternate explanations, or explanations in terms of my understanding in order to truly remember something.

    Maybe it would work best for you to label your table of contents based on Becker order.


    That's a good idea, Roxwella! Personally, I don't look at my NINJA Notes too much until I am all done with my Becker stuff, precisely for the same reason sooner2k1 mentioned. I basically use them during my final 2 weeks of review time. By then I have been through all the material and it doesn't matter if it is not in the same order.


    So the best way is to use them at the end or towards your review ?

    Any other comments or how to use ninja notes with Becker.


    I would use them throughout the program. So – when you have downtime, but can't fire up your videos (at work…commuting…at the doc, etc), read through them.

    If you don't want to re-write your notes … re-write the ninjas.

    The final week of your review, I would only use your own notes, the ninja notes, and your MCQs…no more videos.

    Jeff Elliott, CPA (KS)
    NINJA CPA Review

    Before I start studying for my exam (I use Becker and NINJA too) I go through NINJA notes and write down which parts of the NINJA notes coincide with which sections of Becker then read those parts while I'm studying that section – make sense? So for AUD right now I went through and wrote down which sections of the NINJA notes go with Becker – Audit Reports and Professional Responsibilities A1 and A2, Engagement Planning and Internal Control – A3 , etc…. then I typically read through those sections while studying for those sections. Then the last two weeks of studying I rewrite my NINJA notes per section of Becker then do the corresponding Wiley questions….

    Hope that helps!


    I am currently using the Roger CPA review notes as well as the questions and Ninja notes, and my method was to watch the Roger lectures, do the ninja notes and review Roger CPA review notes, then work questions. The Ninja notes before the questions is the best bet because it is a synopsis of the highlights of what you are remembering. the review notes are there to help you. The Roger lectures was a good way to start, and then rewriting the ninja notes definitely helps!

    Good luck


    I bought it. How do you access the notes?


    I know this post is old, but I have a question about the FAR Notes. On page 29 it has an example of calculating the GP%. Why don't I use the sum of all sales (both installment and normal) to calculate GP%, AR, and D. GP?

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