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    Im thinking of getting the Ninja Monthly ONLY for FAR (which is also going to be my first exam). Anyone who has used ninja solely preparation, how did you go about it? I know alot of people supplement it with other courses out there or have tried others and then came to Ninja so there's a difference in approach if you know what I mean. For me I have tried becker, liked it but cant afford it right now. Any feedback would be appreciated. Mainly on how you go about using ninja only and do you think its comparable and sufficient enough.

    thanks a ton

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    failed FAR 3x with Wiley, then passed with Ninja…for what that's worth. a bit different than starting with Wiley only, but I do believe its' condensed and focused enough that it got me across the goal line.


    I just took FAR for the first time using Roger and don't feel good about it. What did you go with from the Ninja options?

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    I used Ninja for about 95% of my study for FAR.There were 1 or 2 sections that I watched Wiley videos on, but the rest was all Ninja. What I did was watch the Plus videos first. Bob's teaching style was engaging and he had a way of explaining things in a way that was easy to understand. Once I got through the videos, I started mcq 1 subsection at a time. Anything I got wrong, I wrote down in outline format. Once I got through all sections, I spent about 10 days doing random questions and occasionally referring to note to get answers. About 10 days out from my exam, I printed out the progress report and went through questions I was trending under 80% until I brought the score up. If a section had less than 10 questions, I skipped it. The last couple days I watched all of the blitz videos, and reviewed some plus videos for problem areas. For SIMs, I went through the blueprints and tried to do at least 1 SIm from every section that checked the analysis requirement. I also listened to audio notes on my ride home from work (not every day though) This approach took 9 weeks and 158.6 hours, not including audio. I do want to say that I have several years experience with financial statement prep and financial accounting in general, so I had a good basic understanding of a lot of this material. However, I do think this approach could work for someone with little knowledge of the material. It all depends on how you learn, but its always nice to get an idea of how others use the material.

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    I used NINJA for my second FAR attempt. It helped me increase my score quite a bit but not quite enough to pass.

    I think it's definitely possible to pass using only NINJA but I think it depends where your starting point is. In my situation – out of school for 10+ years and no f/s experience made my starting knowledge incredibly limited. TBH, I think you need to be well disciplined to use it successfully – for me being out of school for so long, there was a steep learning curve. If you're fresh out of school or are pretty familiar with f/s NINJA would probably work well.
    What I liked the most about NINJA were the audios and having PDFs on my phone – I was able to sneak in 10 minutes of studying here and there with those tools alone and every little bit helps.

    Good luck!

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