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    Title says it all. I took FAR on 11/30 and just got my score. A big fat 74. Not even sure what to say about that. Part of me feels like well….it gives me hope I can pass it. Another part of me thinks, man next time what if I make a 70 because of a crap SIM draw?

    Any encouraging words/thoughts? I guess just start cranking out more MCQs? I was using Roger CPA review and watched the lectures. I feel like I could have spent more time on NFP and Govt. Weird thing is that the MCQs weren't anything like I expected. The first set were really strange and I didn't see anything that I expected to see. 2nd set didn't get much harder if at all. Sims didn't seem too bad. So, not even sure where to go from here.

    My teenage son to me "If you don't pass, it isn't like you'll die or anything."  True.  Very true.  Just do your best, it's all you can do.

    Dont think in terms of MC vs SIM! Understand every topic and reaffirm going through every question. Make a list of all the topics from A-Z. Assess from strongest to weakest and start at the bottom. You got a 74 which means you know alot. If that approach is too much I would just get a new test bank and do AMAP.


    Thanks for the encouragement Michael! I'm definitely going to take 3-4 weeks and start with my weaker areas like Govt and NFP and crank out MCQs and work on understanding why I miss the ones I do miss. I'm 55 and started this journey back in 2006 when as a Finance/MBA banker went back to get my accounting hours and accounting degree. I went into external audit and had AUD and BEC passed. 2008 I moved from external to internal and got my CIA and figured I'd never need the CPA. Skip ahead 11 years and I'm working in accounting and it's sort of expected to get it now to move into my retiring bosses position. At 55, with sleep apnea, it's hard to focus when you feel exhausted all the time and hard to retain information like I could when I was 30. But, excuses aside – sound advice on working on weak areas. I definitely feel like I know what those are. I have both Surgent and Rogers review. Did the Rogers lectures and about 1,100 MCQ on Rogers. Had some family distractions the last week or two. So, think I may move over and do the Surgent test bank. Although most say that test banks are fairly equivalent.

    Sorry for such a long response. Do appreciate the encouragement and advice!!!

    My teenage son to me "If you don't pass, it isn't like you'll die or anything."  True.  Very true.  Just do your best, it's all you can do.

    I got a 74 the first time I took FAR. I took it again after 5-6 weeks of studying and passed with an 81.

    I made the following adjustments:
    -I took Jeff's advice, which was to just study everything all over again because you don't know what kind of exam you're going to get the second time around.
    -I started my review on the govt/nfp chapters. If you can really nail those down, you'll eventually realize that those are actually easy points. I know that sounds kind of crazy, but it's worth the investment of your time.
    -I practiced the sims. I didn't practice any my first time. They aren't as hard as the sims on the actual exam, but they were very helpful with understanding the concepts of FAR.
    -I took two Becker mocks (70 and 79). I didn't take any the first time around. I'm not sure what the mock situation is like with your review materials, but there is truly no better way than testing what you know via a mock. It's an opportunity to get feedback on what you actually know and don't know.
    -I would reread the book, highlight/underline things over and over again just to help drill it home.

    I know how terrible a 74 feels, but you're right, if you can get that kind of score you'll pass the next time. If I can do it you can too!


    Sorry about the 74 I'm sure it hurts. To be fair, a 74 on FAR first attempt is impressive. If you give government and NFP the right attention, you will definitely get them down. Im surprised you find those topics hard, from what I remember they were mostly memorization. I failed FAR my first time as well and made my weaker topics my stronger topics (consolidation). If you do this by test day, you will feel like gold. The questions on your exam that are harder are the ones that carry the most points, so it's important not to skip modules/lectures that you find difficult.
    Hope this helps!

    AUD - 75
    BEC - 86
    FAR - 84
    REG - 78
    No one ever fails the CPA, people only quit the CPA exam.
    Captain Awesome

    As others have said Gov't and NFP can become your trump cards. A lot of students don't focus on those because

    1) usually the chapters are last in the book so people think they're more of an FYI

    2) it's a public accounting test, so why are they going to test Gov't and NFP

    If you look at the AICPA released questions, I believe a noticeable number of the “difficult” ones are Gov't/NFP. This is most likely because so many students struggle with them. Give it your attention and you'll see that it's not nearly as difficult as it first seems.

    As for your study methods, I originally used Roger but didn't start passing anything until I started using Ninja exclusively. Some will say the test banks are the same or similar, but I wholeheartedly disagree. Roger's was way too easy and the questions too similar. Stick with Ninja and utilize all of the tools – mcq, notes, audio, flashcards, blitz videos.

    AUD - 80
    BEC - 80
    FAR - 82
    REG - 82





    Don't be discouraged by the 74. You were so close. Instead look at is “I now know I can pass one of the hardest tests out there!”

    Like some said above I would just study everything all over again (with some tweaks below) because you don't know what kind of exam you're going to get the second time around. I too used Roger & Ninja. I passed some using only Roger, but others I felt Ninja really put me over the edge. Since you already watched all the lectures I would skip doing so again unless you get to a topic you just totally need a refresher on. Also I am assuming you already completed most of the MCQs so you may have memorized most of Rogers bank.

    If you learn by reading, I would recommend using the 4-5 week Ninja process. Or if you can pull it off and have the time do the 20 day process. I couldn't learn by reading so I just skipped reading the full book portion. Lastly, I waited until the very end to study NFP and GOV so it was fresh in my head.

    Jimmy Dugan

    Much more likely to go the other way with focused study. You got this!

    AUD - 95
    BEC - 87
    FAR - 84
    REG - 90
    You're killing me Smalls



    Wow. Thank you all for the responses and encouragement/advice. Yeah, I mentioned to my boss that I found out my FAR score was a 74 and she said that the way I was acting she would have thought I had passed! I guess for me it was just encouraging to be that close because it gives me encouragement that even at 55 years old with poor memory due to sleep apnea, hey…it's passable. At this point, it's a personal goal to do this – with a little bit of pushing from work. I started going down the road in 2006 and decided I didn't need it in 2008 when I went into internal audit. I can remember back in 2006 when my daughter was 7 years old telling me she hated me studying. So, I hung it up. She's a junior in college now and I'd like her to see me finish it too.
    So, going to incorporate a lot of what you all suggested and going to hit the books again for a few weeks and then retake it.
    I've always told my kids that you only fail if you don't try.
    Thanks again for your feedback and encouragement!

    My teenage son to me "If you don't pass, it isn't like you'll die or anything."  True.  Very true.  Just do your best, it's all you can do.

    I thought I'd throw a little wrinkle into my original post as I got the performance report today and not really sure if it's encouraging or less so. In content area 1 performance was comparable. Area 2 weaker, Area 3 weaker, Area 4 (govt./nfp) Stronger. That's a HUGE surprise. MCQ – comparable Simulations – Weaker.

    I have to admit that I didn't look at the sims during my review. I didn't think the sims were toooo bad on the exam. I thought my 1st testlet of MCQs were weird and didn't notice much of a change in the 2nd testlet.
    I guess I just need to spend some time in the 2 sections I scored weaker and do quite a few sims and then do a practice test and see where it's showing my weak areas?
    Thoughts on that?

    My teenage son to me "If you don't pass, it isn't like you'll die or anything."  True.  Very true.  Just do your best, it's all you can do.

    I wouldn't do that. If you're not just 1 more point away now, you're a full 75 points away. This is a biggest mistake that retakers take.

    You need to hit all possible point of attack not just the weak areas because those ‘strong' area can easily turn weak because how much material there is. The brain can only hold so many details on how solve a certain problem, until you start forgetting. You want to keep ‘strong' areas strong and weak areas stronger.

    This is coming from someone who been in the same shoe as you.

    AUD - 82
    BEC - 80
    FAR - 81
    REG - 82
    FAR - 74 first attempt
    I can and I will

    going to say something a bit controversial- in order to get better at sims- you need to practice them. Some people will tell you you can get away with just cramming mcq- but I disagree. That's just one portion of your test.

    I received a 74 on FAR, its quite painful. Don't give up. Get back on the horse (after a couple days of mopping) and attack your weak areas first. retake it in a month or two and move to the next test.

    I can and I will- Don't give up!


    AUD- 64,72,82



    REG-66, 77 - I AM DONE!


    I know, what you feel. Every exam is different, I would recommend to review everything again, work on weak areas and practice more on those areas. If you know the material => you will pass.

    FAR - 73, 78 (WileyCPAexcel 3,000+ MCQs, 50 SIMs)
    AUD - 73, 81 (WileyCPAexcel 3,000+ MCQs, 40 SIMs)
    BEC - 71, 71, 74, 84 (WileyCPAexcel 3,000+ MCQs, 10 SIMs)
    REG - 84 (WileyCPAexcel 2,000 MCQs, 15 SIMs)

    CA Ethics Exam - 94%



    Thanks for the comments and I agree. It shows I'm “stronger” in Govt/NFP which was a surprise to me but that doesn't mean the 2nd time around I will be. It's the luck of the draw on the MCQ. The plan is to focus “more” on my weaker areas, but also keep doing a review of govt/nfp. Also going to spend some time doing sims. I really need to get more comfortable with the sims. There is no question about that. My plan right now is to do 5-6 weeks of going through the material and MCQs and Sims and then do a retake Jan 25 or Feb 1. Saturdays are the only days available for me to sit for exams. Hard to get time off from work.

    I hope everyone has a great weekend!

    My teenage son to me "If you don't pass, it isn't like you'll die or anything."  True.  Very true.  Just do your best, it's all you can do.
    Pork Flavored Bacon

    The score reports are completely meaningless. They are as unreliable as reports can get. Do not make the mistake of thinking you just need to study the parts in which you are “weaker” when in fact those might actually be your strongest sections.
    I would study everything you can. You are damn close and likely just missing a few key points here and there but as Anthony said, you are not one point away from passing. You need 75.

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