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    Hello all,

    I have studied for four months using Becker. I scored 46 today in my first exam, FAR. I really do not know what to do. I have cried a lot, and still crying. OMG I feel so bad.
    English is not my first language. I have been living here in U.S. for five years. I got my bachellor and my master in accounting during this period of time.
    I feel like this because of the low score.
    I want to retake FAR on December 2018. Have someone of you got so low score and passed on the second try?

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    Hi Lily. Just take few days off and just let it all out. I've studied three months for FAR with Becker only. About 5 hours during the week and a lot in weekends. Also working full time. English is not my first language either, moved to US five years ago, took a few community college classes in order to qualify to sit for the exam and I was able to pass first try. So it's possible to do it. I believe 3 months is more than enough for FAR, more than that and you start to forget. Just study more hours during the day in a less period of time. Good luck!

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    Lily- I know exactly how you’re feeling with a low score on your first exam. You can definitely bounce back from this. I used Becker, and I tried to study for at least a couple hours each night. Once you figure out what studying habits work for you and apply them consistently, you’ll have a better shot. You can do it!

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    Keep working hard!
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    Hi Lily,
    I got a 52 on my first attempt at FAR, and then passed with an 85 on my second try. Biggest change I made was in my second round of studying, I did A LOT of MCQ, like probably 1500 questions with the Ninja MCQ. Even though I felt like I had a good knowledge of concepts on my first try, I hadn't worked enough problems and that was the key to passing.

    English is my first language so I know that my situation is not the same as yours, I just though I would share my experience in case it could be helpful to you.

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    If you go back and find some of Jeff's podcast, he says repeatedly “There is a significant short-term component to the CPA Exam”. 4 months is entirely too long to study. You begin forgetting the details of the initial topics and that is enough to fail. Also, how long/how did you review at the end of studying. A strong review leading up to the exam is crucial to retention and exam success.

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    Hi Lily. Don't lose hope. I transferred to the US 3 years ago. English is not also my first language. I am using Becker Review Materials. My study consist only of answering MCQs and focusing on my weak areas. I don't do lectures and videos that well since I think I learn more if I get something wrong and understanding why I got it wrong. I suggest you do 2 to 3 rounds of the MCQs per chapter.

    Sending you good vibes and hoping you'll get it the second time around.


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    English not my first language either. I studied 1300 hours for FAR and REG. Just spend more time and it will finally pay off.

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    Hi 🙂
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    English is not my first language either. Dont lose hope, and keep grinding. Focus on learning the material and use Becker. Do MC over and over and over again, and dont forget the simulations. I dedicated ONE Window just For FAR, My NTS was only showing one section FAR, and I studied for 2 month and half with family and new born baby. You can do it. Dont rush it, you cant rush these exams.. I am sure you will pass next time.

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    My first score ever on FAR was a 42, which was 3 years ago. This June I passed with an 80. I was dragging my feet on putting 100% into the exam and for me it took consistency and constant review of the material. I did 3 weeks for FAR when I passed without work.. I took time off and each morning I'd start my day with the topics I dreaded and work those and made sure to keep working them. I've never posted before but wanted to share so you aren't discouraged and don't give up! The best thing I did was be honest with myself and get to work.. so worth it. I also agree with the others and Jeff that 6-7 weeks is plenty even while working full-time. My goal for each test is to get through ALL material as quickly as possible and save plenty of time for review since each exam has a ton of material. Good luck to you !

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    Thank you to all of you guys for your comments!

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    Just to follow up on this thread, I am here to tell you that I am done. After two years of study and many things happening in my life (a job, two kids, a house' refurbishment, my daughter's hospitalization, a car accident, and etc.), I am finally done. I took the exams 11 times.

    FAR 46 3rd quarter 2018
    FAR 70 4th quarter 2018
    FAR 60 1st quarter 2019 Aud 64 1st quarter 2019
    FAR 77 2nd quarter 2019 Aud 75 2nd quarter 2019
    Bec 61 3rd quarter 2019
    Bec 64 4th quarter 2019
    Bec 76 1st quarter 2020 Reg 58 1st quarter 2020
    Reg 81 2nd quarter 2020

    If you have received bad news from today's score release, please don't be discouraged. Be strong. Continue tomorrow. I was there. I know that feeling. Buy a new notebook or markers. Put fresh flowers or a candle on the desk. Just find the way to open de book on the first page once again. You will be on the finish line sooner than later. To all of you that have failed multiple times, my respects. You can do this. Go for it!

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    Thanks for the update and giving us the hope that we can someday slay this beast Lily! Congrats and i hope to have that same feeling of passing them all!

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    Congrats Lily. You rock. Your hard work paid off. Thanks for sharing your strength and your story with the rest of us. I hope you can finally relax and enjoy as a CPA now!

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    Congrats Lily! Excellent effort! Go get your rewards!

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    How have you been?
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