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    I am really surprised I got 99, but I would like to share some of my tips and hopefully this will help those who are in struggle.

    1. Choose the study materials that suit you
    I use Roger CPA mainly, and used Wiley CPA as supplement.
    I only took basic accounting class in college but I didn't like it. Roger helped with filling the gap and changed my attitude towards accounting. I hoped my professor would be that funny so that every student would love accounting instead of hating it. LOL

    2. Use notes to help you see big picture and memorize details.
    I usually watched videos of a section, and took notes, and then do related MCQs and then took more notes. This helped a lot to memorize and put everything together

    3. Compare your study materials to blue prints.
    Some study materials are not tested as the blue prints updated, so make sure to check blue prints and don't waste time on materials not tested. For FAR, the new revenue recognition principal was heavily tested on the exam. Also the new NFP rules.

    4. Practice lots of MCQs and SIMs and figure out the weak areas.
    Doing questions is a way of finding your weak spot. For example, Pension and tax is my weak area, I would look for different youtube videos/ website articles and trying to find best way to understand and memorize the materials.

    5. Use another 71 forum as a way of understanding new trend of tests.
    Two days before my FAR exam, I read through a lot of posts related to FAR test experience, and FAR review, trying to understand what's the most testable topics, what type of SIM I am missing.

    Hope this hopes!


    Congrats Sophie!

    Never give up!

    FAR - 84 (11/13/17)

    AUD - 82 (5/3/17)

    REG - 75 (1/27/18)

    BEC - 75 (4/29/18)

    Surgent CPA Review only



    I'm surprised how much material is in this exam compared to the others. How did you maximize your final review week?



    I focused mostly on NFP, Government, and revenue recognition principle during last week. Because they are confusing and I am not that confident in these topics.

    I would go through notes, and the MCQs, SIMs I did wrong.

    Also, check the blue prints to see if there's any area missing,
    such as sub-ledger to general ledger reconciliation.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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