Took FAR and passed for the first time

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    Just thought I'd share my experience with you guys…

    Took my exam in October and came out thinking that I failed completely because I bombed on the sims. MCQs were ok over, the first part was kinda easy, I think I've marked about 7-8 questions that I wasn't sure about. Second part was hard it seems like I was marking every other question. For the third part it went back to being easy marked about 5-6 questions. Feeling kinda confident after I've finished the 3rd part and prayed that the sims weren't that bad.

    When I got to the sims I quickly looked through what was in store for me, and man I only knew what to do for about 1-2 out of the 7. The sims weren't that hard, but I just didn't know the journal entries at all, so I started to plug in somewhat logical choices and prayed for the best.

    and this Morning I've received my score of 77 !


    Would you mind sharing your study methods?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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