NY State Education Requirements

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    I currently have 25 accounting course credits and the requirement for NY is 33 accounting courses. I am currently signed up for 3 courses (All 3 Credits) and two of the courses have very similar course material even though the numbers are different. I called and they said they couldn't verify if the coursework was proper until I have the transcripts, which I wont have until the courses are completed. Do you think they will be double counted or no? Course numbers below are:

    ACC 125: Accounting Computer Applications

    ACC 123: Accounting Software Applications

    ACC 170: Forensic Fraud Accounting


    Seems somewhat suspicious.
    Do you have course descriptions for each?

    Memento Mori - Kingston NY CPA & EA (SUNY Albany 2002)

    FAR-93 11/9/17 (10wks, 250 hrs, Roger 1800+ MCQs, Gleim TB 600+MCQs, SIMs)
    AUD-88 12/7/17 (3 wks, 85 hrs, Roger 1000 MCQs no SIMs hail mary)
    REG-96 1/18/18 (6 wks, 110 hrs, 1400 MCQs, no SIMs)
    BEC-91 2/16/18 (4wks, 90 hrs, 1240 MCQs)

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