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    Hey guys,

    I passed two sections of the CPA exam in Missouri, but I recently moved to Pennsylvania and am working on finishing the last two. I am going to apply to take the exam in Pennsylvania, but will my two passing scores transfer to PA? Will I need to transfer them after I am accepted as a PA candidate? I don't think I can keep taking them under the Missouri jurisdiction because I no longer have proof of residency there.



    Is Missouri asking you to verify residency? It's easier to transfer a license. I moved to GA but finished the exam under IL and just transferred the IL license to GA. Very easy process. IF i were you i'd contact the MO state board of Accountancy for clarity.

    Licensed in IL & GA

    You would need to transfer your scores into PA before you start taking the exam…

    You must meet the Missouri residency requirement to be eligible for the examination as a candidate of Missouri. This requirement applies to all first-time and re-examination candidates. To meet the residency requirement you must:

    physically live in Missouri or;
    have a place of business in Missouri or be regularly employed full time in Missouri or;
    have a permanent residence in Missouri and you or your spouse is serving on active duty in the armed services or;
    be a full time student at an accredited college or university in Missouri or;
    be a graduate from a Missouri college or university in the last six (6) months, and, at the time of graduation, you had a Missouri address.

    With each application, you must submit documentation to support your Missouri resident status. Your application is incomplete until we receive this documentation. You will not receive your Notice to Schedule (NTS) until your application is complete. Acceptable documentation consists of:

    If you live in Missouri, you must submit:
    (1) a copy of your valid driver’s license; and
    (2) a copy of a billing statement or mortgage or lease agreement reflecting your address in Missouri.
    If you have a place of business in Missouri, you must submit proof of ownership of the business.
    If you are employed by a business/organization in Missouri, you must submit a letter from your employer stating that you are permanently and currently employed, including the dates of employment.
    If you or your spouse are on active duty military assignment and your permanent residence is in Missouri, you must submit a copy of the military orders.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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