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    I read somewhere that Prometric is going to be requiring candidates who test to wear mask coverings while taking the exam. For those who despise this does this mean we're screwed? I personally hate masks. I am wondering if this is going to be a forever thing. For those who don't mind the mask that's great, but just wanted to get feedback from you guys on your thoughts of how to deal with a mask on such an important exam. I would think that social distancing could be done for a couple of months, but wow masks as well? That's brutal.


    Here's a step by step process on how to deal with a mask on such an important exam.

    Step 1 – get mask
    Step 2 – put mask on
    Step 3 – close eyes
    Step 4 – take a deep breath
    Step 5 – in your inside voice repeat this phrase 5 times, “it's only a mask, it will not eat me.”
    Step 6 – take exam
    Step 7 – throw away mask after exam, if disposable, or wash mask for taking other exams

    I'm sure I missed some steps but this should get you started in the right direction. Good Luck!

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    Might not be a bad idea to practice some MCQ with a mask on.

    Seriously…get used to it.

    Jeff Elliott, CPA (KS)
    NINJA CPA Review

    Yeah its very uncomfortable wearing the mask while taking the exam especially those who wear glasses. Think of it this way, its way better to be safe than sorry. What if youve passed all the exams but later contract corona virus simply because you didnt have your mask on. You will regret it for life. Make sure to have internal control while taking the exam.

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    "Theres no limit unless you allow it"



    Something to keep in mind is the breathing issues while wearing a mask and also the added pressure. On the couple of times that I have had to get obligated to use a mask, I am pretty beat down. I do understand about being safe than sorry. I wonder if not taking the exam at all would be the deal if one can't tolerate the mask because health could get compromised. Thanks for the advises. Appreciate them.


    I made a mask yesterday specifically to practice/study with. Separate mask just so I always have it at my study station.

    I'm high risk (asthma), so I appreciate the decision to require them, but as a test taker (and glasses wearer) also acknowledge that it's terrible.

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    What if you've already had the virus? I contracted it in early February and it was quite brutal. I attempted to wear a mask to the grocery store the other day and I felt like I was suffocating. I will need to figure something out in the next 4 weeks. I wear glasses as well.

    I think I will contact the testing center about this.

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    I have been on this journey off and on for over 10 years. I think it's about time that I wrap this up.


    @FSUgirl2005- I really hope that you feel better and are fully recuperated. Fortunately for me I haven't felt terrible although one doesn't know if one has contracted it. What is important is that you feel better now. There aren't a lot of mask haters that I know of because a lot of people have adaptability and becoming a CPA is much bigger than this mask challenge. I felt the same thing when I went to the grocery store and with me I had some.back pain too although it went away after half an hr or so. I will also be contacting the test center. I wouldn't mind paying an extra fee or taking it at another state where there are less people taking this exam. It looks like its a nationwide requirement thing though. It will suck for people like myself who will probably not take it, but I hope people can persevere despite of this. I'll keep you and everyone else posted if I can get any info. Hopefully its temporary, but who knows. I do sincerely admire anyone who is going to take this with the mask on. Much much respect for sure. If you know of something before I do, let us know if you can please.


    @Anne- I hope that you can pull this off. Rooting for you here. Its about being adaptable and flexible for whoever can still do this. Yes, I think in your case it works both ways. Its better safe than sorry, however, this is going to be another challenge obviously. The thing here is if you go into it with an open mind, you can pull through. It would have been preferable to do social distancing, but well thats what they are saying now about the masks.


    I also struggle to breathe with a face mask on especially when I'm wearing my reading glasses. A feeling of suffocation is awfully uncomfortable (with or without reading glasses) even just during review or practice tests. How much worse it would be when we're testing under stress and time pressure?
    What if I just cover my mouth only with my face mask during the entire testing? I wonder how would the Prometric Staff deal with that when they do their rounds:)


    Double post


    Hi Amor- Great post! When are you set to take exams or don't have a date yet? I am happy to not be alone in this situation. I juat thought about an idea. What if temperature checks and/or testing can be the alternative? This is a very important exam and I am going to get on this hard. I do have a question for you. Can you kindly explain the last question again? I didn't quite understand.

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