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    So I passed my first part of the CPA exam, BEC and the advice I got on here to focus on ethics/COSO, Cost accounting, and IT helped me tremendously. Honestly one of the biggest reasons I passed and I am very grateful for this forum. Right now I doing the same method I did for BEC. I was given Becker by my school and how I am studying is by writing/taking notes on everything that is underlined and all other pre-annotated notes that are made by the instructor. I read the chapter, listen to the lecture, do the MCQs, skills practice, and SIM's. So far the MCQ's are going well its the SIMs at times that give me some issues (only half way through REG 2 in Becker). Are there specific topics to really key in on? Any studying tips that people use? Hammering a bunch of MCQ's helped me pass BEC so when I do my review after I finish all the chapters I will do the same method again. All feedback is helpful!

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    You have to study for everything (obviously) like any other exam but you really need to understand entity taxation: S corps, partnership and C Corps. Please make sure you master basis and distributions, as in understand and not just doing the questions. I think if you do that along with hammering MCQs for the other areas you will do just fine. If you are new to tax, give yourself at least 6 weeks to comfortably go through the materials. I used Wiley and supplemented with Ninja MCQs and absolutely do the AICPA sims!!!

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    Thanks for the advice @Sandysprotege ! I am giving myself plenty of time especially with the whole Corona Virus, I scheduled my test date for May 29th, so if I fail can run it back next quarter. But will definitely nail those topics and will absolutely look at the AICPA SIMs. I am using Becker currently but plan to purchase Ninja soon to supplement. I have been killing the MCQ's early on just some of the SIMs like QBI and other few complicated ones were kicking my ass but will lock those down soon!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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