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    Does any of you have any experience with Drake Tax Software and/or Drake Accounting Software? I'm planning to buy it for next tax season but I'm not sure it's good for business tax returns. I'm from PA and I'm worried it might not support State or multi State tax filing. thanks

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    I do not use it but I am a member of a tax workgroup through COCPA and other members use it for business and individual returns and like it for low cost and good support. I also have a friend who does his employer’s Corp return and his side gig returns in it and thinks it works well. If I did side work I would use it.

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    I know many smaller firms use Drake successfully.
    I looked into it. The offering was very affordable, but ultimately I chose a more expensive option because I have 15+ years of experience with it, and I figured my experience with more expensive software, and reducing my chances of making a mistake (and saving my reputation) justified the higher price.

    Lots of people use Drake, lots of people love Drake.
    I was not ready to embrace the change.

    If you are starting fresh and don't have experience on another platform, it makes sense to start with Drake.

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    I use Drake software for tax preparation. I have used it the last three tax seasons. I have been very happy with their product.

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    One more add on. I have clients in many states. Some are business, and the others just personal. They cover every state, and city for that matter. Again, I am very happy with the software.

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    @Bairste, how accurate is Drake Tax? Any issue with city/local/state tax return?

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    I'm confused!

    When did Drake go from promoting music albums to promoting Tax Preparation software?

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    Drake is great. We've been using it for years. The software itself is awesome. The price is outstanding, and the customer service is second to none in my opinion. Well worth it.

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