Best study materials to correlate with Ninja MCQ?

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    Right now I'm studying for the beast we know as FAR. I'm using an old 2012 Becker Book, the 2013 Wiley Book and Ninja MCQ. I'm going through each chapter in both books and note taking (Ninja method, as always). However, I'm running into a slight issue when it comes to doing the Ninja MCQ's:

    As with any MCQ, I always write down the explanation of the answer and use it as part of my notes outline. However, I cannot figure out which books/study material most closely corresponds with the Ninja MCQ's. The books I have do not seem to follow the same order; especially Wiley. I do not have the NINJA notes as I usually rely on my own note-taking as I've been successful thus far doing so. I know that Jeff has an expected FAR Book release date later in July but I don't want to wait for that.

    Is anyone else in the same boat or have any suggestions/advice on how you are studying using Ninja MCQ's while using other exam materials?

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