Does Prometric Center Still Give you a Crappy Board and a Marker?

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    Title says it all. Do they still hand out the crappy board thing with a marker that barely works?


    My assumption would be yes, but I imagine it depends on the test center you go to.
    Highly recommend requesting paper and pencil from NASBA before your exam date, for those that are still in the process.

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    The times I sat for an exam during 2020, they gave out paper and pencil, instead of the markers and board. At the end of the exam they requested you to rip up the paper and throw it out. As Recked mentioned, I would request a paper and pencil.

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    Because of covid and concerns of re-using a board and pen, when I took an exam back in October/November, they gave me two sheets of paper and a pen. Could be different site to site.

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    At my exams in November and December of 2020, they gave out the pens and paper you throw away after the exam.

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    Yeah I got what seemed like a large blue book cover (four sides total) and two pens for my last one in August, and they were accommodating if I needed another sheet or pen. But like Recked said, it depends on the center. I went to two different centers before Covid and the markers/laminated sheets I got at both places worked fine.

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    Took AUDIT recently and gave me pen and two spacious papers, way better than those silly markers and laminated papers. You're in good hands now😛

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    I just sat for REG and a little over a week ago and they provided a pen plus a couple of sheets of paper for me. I do remember before the pandemic the marker and board, lol, that was terrible!

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