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    Hi all, so according to Prometric, the Face coverings is a requirement when taking the exam. I have a question for anyone who has taken the test with the mask. Do you know if you can put your mask right underneath your nose, covering your mouth minimum? The few times that I have used it when obligated I have noticed that when the mask is underneath the nose, it's actually not really that hard. It's when it's above the nose that it's just impossible and specially for those of us who wear glasses it becomes a killer. I didn't ask Prometric if one can do this because I just realized this about a day or two ago. There is a big difference of using this mask below and above the nose. I know that for me personally there is no way I could take the test if I MUST wear the mask full fledged above the nose because of the breathing and fogging wearing glasses. If I can somehow put it below the nose, I can at least give it a try. Or something else that can happen (if they aren't picky) is enter the center full fledged, but then lower it below the nose. I know that for me personally this may make a difference.

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    I took FAR with a mask a week or so ago. I recommend you wear the mask up to your nose and when you enter the test center and get settled in, adjust it where you can keep your nose open enough. I didn't receive any comments from the Prometric staff regarding this. I did however raise the mask back to my nose when leaving the test center room during my 15 min break and when finishing the test. I guess each test center will be different but regardless, I would tend not to ask Prometric about this because there is a high likelihood they say no in my opinion. I hope this helps..

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    @taxmachine‘ Good deal. Since I have never been in Prometric I don't know if these people walk around constantly. That will be my plan and won't bother calling since they probably will say no. And yes, during the break putting it above the nose is ideal. During the exam nobody came up to you and said “above the nose, above the nose?” For some reason I think these people are very picky although yes it depends on Prometric as you said.

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    Hi, not related but if you have the glasses problem you could fold the top part once before wearing it. This will tight up the top and prevent air leak to the glasses. There are Google demonstration.

    Have you try to wear a mask indoor? Mask temp to fog me up during the first 5 min of outdoor, rainy humid days, and exercising. But it doesn't fog up when I wear it indoor unless I'm breathing heavily. I've learn to breath out using my mouth instead to solve the problem.

    In my area Prometric doesn't walk around. You are lock into the room with the rest of the people when they sit at the front desk. If you do choose to take off the mask you are on your own risk.

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    What's the definition of a “mask”?

    Probably an ignorant question, but it has all sorts of implications as far as comfort on exam day.

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    Well Jeff – funny you ask that. I've had the thought that I could get a paper towel and put it on my face and I could call it a mask. Or a sock. Or, the joke in our house is to use a certain feminine hygiene product. Did you see the twitter picture of Alyssa Milano wearing a crocheted “mask” that of course had a million of holes in it, which she then later claimed she had a built in filter. LOL. I mean….you're right. What “IS” the definition of a mask?

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    Oh yes … I'm a fan of the “if it can't stop a fart, it can't stop COVID” memes too 🙂

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