I’m So Sleepy studying!!!

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    I am studying Far. Every time I start reading I get so sleepy. I stop, took a nap, started reading again, and fell so sleepy AGAIN. I must cover some ground tonight. It's 8pm (CST), so I figure I can get at least two chapters in by midnight. I know I had a good nights rest and a good day today, but I am just too sleepy. My husband just made me a cinnamon matcha so I hope that helps. Your suggestions are welcomed. PLease.

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    I know how you feel! There would be nights where I would be so tired and ready to skip studying…but when I started having those thoughts, I'd make a cup of coffee and power through for a good 3-4 hours. Trust me, afterwards, you'll feel better than if you decide to just go to sleep.

    Whenever I'm feeling sleepy while studying, caffeine is my go-to. Whether that's a cup of homemade coffee or a hot beverage from Starbucks, I know in the end, all of this studying will be worth it. It also helps that I'm studying with Roger! His videos are entertaining (most of the time), so it's not entirely dreadful watching those 🙂

    Best of luck on FAR! It's a beast, but with enough studying, you will pass!

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    7 shot espresso.

    Big Gulp filled to the top with 5 hour energy.

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    Do you lie down and study? Whenever i lie down and study i always drift away to sleep. If you are sitting down and studying n still feel sleepy, you should walk around the room so that you can stay awake. Caffine or berry juice should help

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    I'm not lying down to read, but the matcha is beginning to kick in. I am not so sleepy as before. I'm not a chump but I don't want to give in anymore to excuses. I need to pass this once and for all. I'm finished with one chapter of the ninja book. now on to the next. I want to get through this material by the end of this week. So that will give me at least 30 days of notes and mcq's. I don't know, I'm thinking out loud. But that is my goal. The last times (studying far) I was going straight to the mcq's and skipping the book or lectures and got discouraged getting so many wrong answers It's weird reading, because I've seen the material so much until I can't recall much of it all. Maybe I need to stop starting over and just keep going. But I'm awake and going forward. Midnight is the cut-off, but I don't have any tax clients in the morning so I'll see how many chapters I can get it tonight.

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    I didn't have a problem reading it if I was taking notes, but also I don't remember anything from the book or my notes if you ask me now.

    I am tired right now after all these mcqs I'm trying to do though. I'm trending in the upper 60's and the test is Friday >_<

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    I was never able to just sit down and read an accounting book.
    I would read the words but nothing stuck. Was not effective for me at all.
    I preferred the videos or MCQs.

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    i drink lots of soda and coffee to keep me going. but i should probably try something else given i havent passed one yet

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    Well, I made it through last night. I read and took notes until about 2 a.m. After my husband made me a matcha, when I thought I was tired and ready to go to bed, my eyes would pop open and I would stare at the ceiling. I don't think I will take matcha late in the evening again. I'm doing much better during the day today. Meeting my goal.

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    First of all, I don't think reading at 2 am is a good idea. Your brain got “so excited” about the book that it will take awhile to cool off and felt asleep.

    I recommend trying the following combination:
    1. Read your chapter in sections so you avoid sitting the whole hour just reading. Reading 1.1 then take a 5 min break, then read 1.2 take a bathroom break, read 1.3 then go drink water, etc.
    2. Read your chapter and do MCQ alternate, read 1.1 then do those related MCQ. Or start with the MCQ first, hit a question you don't understand, and read that particular section.
    3. Do exercise regularly. Exercise produce dopamine, which produce happiness and excitement, similar effect of coffee. Expect to see results in 7 days.
    4. Try to make reading more “enjoyable”. Like plenty of snacks, drinks, colorful paper and pens.
    5. Learn quick reading and pin-point taking, so you can “shorten” your painful reading faster.
    6. Rearrange your reading time so you don't read multiple chapters all at once. Read one chapter than go take a bath, come back with another. Do some sort of reward system so you are more willing to go for it.

    Don't quote me on any of these, I didn't read a page of the book. I'm a 100% MCQ style.

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    Time to rise and shine people! Do you want this or not?

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    @JFKGY, Hahahahaha. We won't quote you. But I was thinking of doing mcq's after the chapter. If I begin to wander around for water and snacks, I lose my momentum. I really hate reading the book I think I need a more active study. I couldn't sleep after the matcha is why I was up at 2 am. I won't do that again. I got it together today. I am meeting my goals. If I have to ditch the book I will. So what's a good substitute for the book? or just do mcq's and write down the answers. I'll try not to worry about getting them wrong for now.

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    @Tncincy – I think a positive attitude and the right mindset is the key. I always go with MCQ first. If I get a 30 1st try and I get a 35 2nd try, I improved. The score is the only study measurement.

    My study plan was very board and mix.
    Took FAR first, study for 5 months before sit on the exam and click in 18 month timing. For questions that I don't know, just take the shortcut and ask for the answer and solution (coworker, CFO, accounting friends, etc). Save time. Save energy. Also, read the annual report / 10K/ 10Q so you know what it looks like and how asset liability and equity got reported. Build some general ideas and common sense.

    For REG (second), I printed out every IRS form and plug in numbers. Filed my own tax. Free practice. For S Corp and partnership. Google incorporation examples. Pretend you are a partner and run down the tax. Reading the original IRS instructions. Google and read the law section.

    For AUD (third), 75% of the materials I felt like was already covered by FAR & REG. Google some auditor report and 10K. Go down the audit procedures and check list. Repeat each one on 10K and see how it works out. Build some general idea and common sense.

    For BEC (fourth), I studied for a month and took the exam. Felt like BEC was general everything of FAR, REG and AUD. Did some BS on the sims and got it done.

    Materials: Wiley book (reference book for good looking), Wiley software, Another 71 MCQ only, 3 years old Free Becker PDF I downloaded online.

    My study plan: Commute on the train doing Wiley MCQ. One set of exam each way. Another set of MCQ from another 71 after I get home. Weekend – Do Becker, Wiley, another 71, three sets. Then play all I want. Each set about an hour. Force yourself to be speedy. (You will need double amount of time on the test.)

    Strategic Plan: 1. Accounting = Law + Math + Reasonable Common Sense 2. Do fast enough, you can do them backward plug the answer and find the most reasonable one 3. Read as many questions from DIFFERENT SOURCE, maximize the type of questions you see = increase the chances you are going to see the same type of questions on the test. Try to read the pass 5 years.
    There's always a set of questions asking about transportation, school, hospital, government, non-profit. If you can't get it right, find yourself a job in one of these industries might be the key.

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    I do NOT read this stuff because I feel like I will accomplish nothing, and plus I will drift off to sleep. I simply do multiple choice questions and take notes of the wrong answers. If I have to reference the book, I will do so. Otherwise, I find it quite ineffective to read given I am prone to falling asleep while reading. I can't drink caffeine so I have to work-around.

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    I have been on this journey off and on for over 10 years. I think it's about time that I wrap this up.

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