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    I have used Jeff’s method for studying for the exam in 20 days for both AUD and BEC and it worked masterfully; I earned a 91 and 82, respectively, using Roger CPA exclusively. However, REG is a bit different. Have any of you had any luck using this method for REG? Is it realistic for me to even try? The business law section comes naturally to me and so does individual tax. Things like like-kind exchanges, basis, and AMT make me nervous. Any thoughts? I’d like to start studying the second week of June and sit for the exam the first week of July. Thanks!

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    It's definitely possible but you will need to study a lot each day. If your brain can handle it, give it a shot. One tip is to not ignore areas you are comfortable/familiar with (b law and Individual Tax). Not working a ton of questions/reviewing this material might come back to haunt you so keep that in mind. As for other content areas, be quite comfortable with Corporate Tax (C-corps and S-corps), Partnership Taxation, and Property Transactions Taxation (Depreciation, Basis). Every exam will be different (I saw a good amount of S-Corp and Property Transaction content on my exam) so do not focus exclusively on one area and follow the AICPA blueprints. Try also not to worry too much about specific tax credit limits/phaseouts and the full calculation for AMT. While its possible you get specific questions regarding these topics, it is unlikely. If you can memorize the limits/phaseouts, it's essentially an added bonus for you on the exam. I have great success memorizing all the different rules in taxation through repetition. The more questions you answer that involve applying the rules you learned to different questions, the more comfortable you'll be with REG. I hope this helps and best of luck.

    REG- 93 (2/24/2020) Gleim

    FAR- 93 (5/14/2020) Gleim

    AUD- In Progress

    BEC- TBD

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    Thanks a lot! You have given me a lot to consider.

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    Link to Passing the CPA Exam in 20 Days, if interested:

    How to Pass a CPA Exam Section in 20 Days

    Jeff Elliott, CPA (KS)
    NINJA CPA Review
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