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    I passed the CPA exam last year and I'm super bored. During undergrad my goal was to get my CPA and CMA Licenses. Now I'm comtemplating whether or not to pursue the CMA, CIA or CISA, since I have so much free time on my hands after passing the CPA Exam. I'm wondering if anyone is currently studying for any of these exams and is so, what prep courses are you using?

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    If anyone is kind enough to answer, I'd also value your thoughts, especially if you could describe why you chose to go with the CMA over other options, such as the CGMA.

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    I passed my CPA exams (F-81 R-80 A-99 B-80) in 6 months ending November 2015 and started studying for the CMA September 2016. I passed CMA Part I after a couple months of casual (compared to CPA) studying. I'm taking Part II at the end of February 2017. I used CPAExcel & Ninja for CPA and switched to Gleim for CMA. I prefer Gleim to CMAExcel because the study structure and content layout make more sense to me.

    There are two main reasons why I chose to pursue CMA certification. The first is because the content is relevant to my position as the controller of a manufacturing company. So far I've felt that my studies have helped elevate my skills professionally. As a side note I find the CMA material more interesting than the CPA material. The second reason is that when I see job postings for controller positions most say CPA/CMA preferred. CPA + CMA will differentiate me within my own organization and help me if I want to transfer or look outside for employment.



    Has anyone used the Wiley CMA Excel Course for the CMA Exam? Wiley is currently offering 25% off their CMA Course.

    Try not to go insane with these exams! It might be too late for me! LOL
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    I'm considering going for my CMA, but have been pushing it off and enjoying life for a bit. I passed my last CPA exam 12/2016.

    I was considering going into a MBA program, but feel that the CMA better option for me now since its less money and less commitment.The CPA is defiantly a status thing and has given me more respect, but I agree with Zakinak that the CMA material seems to be more interesting for my career path. I am a Assistant Controller working under a Controller that will be retiring next year, I was hired to fill her position.

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    I am planning to take the CMA exam this summer. I am sick of paying for review courses, so I downloaded the Content Specification Outlines from the IMA. I just recently passed BEC so Im going to use my Cost Accounting and FAR books to battle it plus the little I know. Hahah

    I still owe Becker almost 1K since I paid for it out of pocket. So I'm not very interested in spending another $700 for just the Gleim Books and test bank.

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    I am considering CMA now since I have nothing going on in my life and super bored as well. I am thinking about using Gleim. I haven't heard anyone using Becker for CMA and it is only 1299. How is Becker CMA program?

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    Well it depends on what your goals are and your current position. I am in internal audit so I have the cpa, CIA, and currently pursuing the cisa. The CIA and cisa are purely audit certs and would help if you decide to stay or go into the audit field. The CIA would help more if you end up with a cost acco Both type of role.



    I finished my CPA exam about two years ago and I was licensed back in December 2016. I was thinking about getting the CMA right after, but I got lazy and enjoying life right now. However, I do plan to get the CMA in the next 2-3 years. Since I am in industry accounting, I feel that the CMA is probably the best value license beside the CPA exam. Most industry jobs list CPA/CMA/MBA as the preferred requirements. CMA is much cheaper and less time required than the MBA. It doesn't hurt to have two 3 letters after your name.


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    Just curious if anyone ever earned the PFS designation? It's the equivalent to a CFP (Certified Financial Planner). It seems like the PFS would only be useful for financial planning and not so much accounting. Just curious what others have to say? It seems like the CMA, CIA, etc would compliment the CPA better. Thanks!

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    I purchased the Gleim CMA Review Course a couple months ago. I have gone through a few of the chapters but it's hard to stay focus. I haven't signed up for an actual exam yet, which may be the key reason why I can't focus. I decided to go with the CMA, because I'm also noticing that most employers are looking for a CPA or CMA, so I figured, why not have both. After CMA, I may try to take the CIA or CISA exam as well.

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    If the FAR and BEC material seems similar to CMA. I think it will be an advantage in the future to have both titles. How many MCQ does CMA excel, Gleim and Becker have? Have you tried hock?

    Regarding a CMA vs MBA. In my opinion, if you don't have an MBA from an ivy league or reputable university, CMA provides more leverage.

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    I aged 5 years studying and passing the CPA exams. I had even thought about the CMA or CFA. Unfortunately, i don't want to age another 5-10 years studying. I need to keep up with the ladies in the bedroom : D

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    @skynet That's exactly why I'm conflicted on pursuing the CMA. I've been looking into it since I am waiting on my FAR score in August. I've been working the Gleim and CMA Excel demos. But I'm also finally beginning to become aware of my surroundings. The CPA is/was too much of a battle and I'm not sure if I feel like being in hermit mode anymore lol.

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