Confusion – Corona and AICPA 2020 Changes

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    Can someone please help me out, im a bit confused with all thats going on.

    All I need to do is pass REG and im 4/4. My 18 month window ends in exactly one year so I have time.

    I am scheduled to take REG in May. I just checked with pro metric online and it doesnt say my appointment has been cancelled. Should I be concerned or expect to have to take in the following quarter? Will prometric notify me if any changes occur or NASBA?

    Also, does the AICPA continuous test taking changes affect the 18 month window or is that still in tact? If you still have 18 months and can take the exam unlimited amount of times in a quarter, wow did they just make it easier to pass these exams.


    @Michael, If you have time, why are you confused. Keep checking with the Prometric center you scheduled your test. If the center is closed, you cannot take the test. So if you don't have a definite answer, just keep checking with the center or NASBA to see when you will be able to take the test. I am sure there is a form of communication they will use, and probably before your test date. But keep checking. I'm sure, because of the unforeseen situation, they will grant an extension instead of expiring your previous scores. If your test is a go, take a mask, hand sanitizer, wipes or what ever it takes to keep you safe. Good luck on your retake. Let us know how it goes.

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    There is a huge announcement in red on the Prometric home page – start there.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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