Drinking before Exam

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    Study out of the University of Illinois shows that drinking before a test improves scores up to 40%. Who wants to be the first to test it on the CPA?



    I have a co-worker that has always recommended a shot of something before I go test…I haven't tried it but she said it always calmed her nerves somewhat which she thinks improved her perfomance. I am curious to know if anyone does this before the CPA exams.



    LOL. Ya know, this might work with me because I have bad test anxiety. I usually feel relaxed after a glass of wine. Hmmm, this might be a good idea! Doubt my husband would agree.



    My stats professor said that if you study when you're inebriated, you'll perform better on the test when you're inebriated. The mind is a funny thing. Not that I recommend drinking while studying or test-taking. 😛


    This goes along with studies that show what you do when you study – if you can replicate them during an exam, you'll recall the info better.

    If you listen to Metallica while you study – crank some Enter Sandman just before going into Prometric 🙂




    This is research I can get behind.



    I tested this theory a lot when I was in school at U of I, but never for science.


    It probably has the same outcome as drinking and then posting your candid thoughts on the internet.



    I forwarded that link to my boss with the email titled “Productivity booster.” 🙂



    Yea I tried before in college, didn't work out so hot haha



    I have a couple of shots of rum when I study and I like how I perform, so now I take a flask with me to the test and have a shot or two in the parking lot before heading in (please don't confuse two shots with heavy drinking). It's a part of my study process so I might as well do the same on test day. I have a high tolerance so two shots for me is nothing (just makes me more alert). It might have a different effect on others though, which is why I don't advertise/recommend it.



    I drank two glasses of wine before a presentation I had to give in one of my college classes last semester. I literally cried about it for months because I am so deathly afraid of talking in front of people. I decided it was better to be a little tipsy than pass out, throw up, or cry in front of 50 people! It worked for me, I got an A! 🙂 Not that I'd risk it for the CPA exam, but if you're *that* stressed out, it might actually be helpful.



    I am surprised to hear that some people actually do this. Don't think I am going to try it for REG, but maybe they are on to something. We had a Red Pantie Revolution, why not a Shot of Rum Revolution.



    When I had presentations in college, I would mix a 20oz bottle up with 1/3 green tea and 2/3 wine with a shot of tequila and take that to class to drink until it was my turn to present. Tasted disgusting but I wasn't ever nervous.



    Hahaha, @witchkizzle, that sounds awful!



    It was pretty bad, but I had to do something.

    I also used to just mix up a bunch of whatever was in the house if I wanted a drink, but didn't have enough of any certain single product.

    It's amazing what you can drink when you are just washing it out with whole cans of sprite.

    For example:


    triple sec


    chocolate liqueur

    Grand Marnier

    mix that all in one glass with a can of sprite

    Tastes like orangish, chocolatey, winey, alcohol sprite. Not too bad.



    getting plastered before singing karaoke also makes you sing better! at least that's what it sounds like when i do it…i think?

    rocket ship…nm



    @jpyoung10, I am all for red panties and red wine on exam days!! 🙂 I told my husband that I want to try having a small glass of red wine with lunch before an exam. Never hurts to try. I am tired of my nerves being all out of whack before, during, and after an exam.



    Drinking alchohol makes me sleepy so I could not do that. I usually drink a lot of Caffeine and take a NO-DOZ halfway through the exam.



    I went to Illinois and that study is 110% fact. A friend, who was a physics major, found this out too. The more he drank the better his grades got. He ended up with a PhD and a DUI before he was done.



    Actually, there is potential validity to this strategy. Even beyond the nerve calming effects.

    Alcohol reduces neurotransmitters and increases neuroinhibiters in the brain. This has the effect of filtering out a lot of the “background noise” in the brain allowing significantly improved focus on one thought.

    However, neurotransmitters are needed to form memories as well as draw correlations between ideas. Both of which are necessary to study effectively.

    I bet there's some optimal level of intoxication which improves performance, but it would be a very fine line to walk and it would be different for each person.



    Don't mistake me for an abuser, but I always took a vicodin before exams and always 3-4 shots before presentations. I have terrible anxiety but do not want to be on medication for it so only use these things when I need to. I am terrified of presentations, but always got great remarks during my parts!

    I do drink some whiskey on the rocks when I study… it does help me calm down and allows me to focus better and be more relaxed. It's definitely not for everyone though, I can't imagine being hammered whilst taking FAR. I'd finish in like an hour I'm sure.



    If I'm super nervous before an exam, I will take a beta blocker. It calms my nerves and doesn't mess with my head.



    Y'all remember that guy who took a nap in the middle of his REG test? This would be a great thing for him to try for his next section.



    I don't take a shot but I do take a natural supplement called Min-Tran by Standard Process. I get it on Amazon but I used to get it from a Nutritionist. I is an all natural anxiety medicine. I don't think I would have gotten through my FAR exam without it.



    I would be terrified to take a drink before an exam or a presentation. I can see that going very badly! But karaoke, I agree it does help you sing better or at least louder.



    I wish I had something to drink before REG.



    Drinking anything before an exam is a terrible idea . . . says the girl who drank an entire bottle of water before BEC, had to take every bathroom break available, and failed with a 74.



    This thread is cracking me up! I took two Vicodin the night before AUD (one at 9pm and one at 12am). My head was bobbing in the exam and my eyes would not stay open! I finished with half hour to spare but I was so sleepy that I decided not to check my answers. So, I got up and left.

    I blame the Vicodin for my 73. I'm going in sober next time…but if you guys wanna drink, by all means bottoms up! 🙂



    Passed experience has taught me that i dont make good decisions while intoxicated, evidenced by seeing whats laying next to me the next morning…so this wouldn't work for me

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