FAR in four days & first mock exam 32% – any chance to earn credit?

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    I have been studying FAR for about two months, but only got serious the past few weeks. I watched all of the lectures, completed about 75% of the mcq and about 25% of the sims. I took the first Becker mock exam and scored a 32%, in part from rushing through the questions and in part from not knowing the material enough. I know I made some errors that were stupid, but again this came from not being familiar enough with the material.

    I took off Thursday and Friday so I have four full days to cram. I am going over the mock exam errors now and plan to take another exam Friday. Besides that, my strategy is do mcq and focus any other time to blueprint analysis topics. Is it realistic to think there is a chance to earn at least a 75? I know a person could be lucky and get topics which he or she knows, but based the mock exam, I am not sure how much I can learn in a few days. I am planning to also review the AICPA sample exam and how to best answer the research question. Has anyone scored low on a mock exam and been able to still succeed?



    Don’t give up! Keep drilling MCQs and go back and re-read (not watch) the areas you are continually struggling with. Bookmark those weak areas and refer back to them daily until the exam.

    You can recover, don’t lose your confidence. You hear about people bombing the mock exams all the time and still passing. You will be more focused on exam day. I’m personally not a believer in taking mock exams because they burn me out quicker than anything. I just watch lectures, read (moreso in my weak areas), drill MCQs and practice SIMs until I’m comfortable with the topics and my pacing.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks for the thoughts! My work has given me time to study sometimes when things have not been busy, so I really want to try to earn credit to make a good impression and keep my job. I wish I could have had this studying intensity for the past two months! I wonder why some people procrastinate and others are able to set a schedule and study as planned.


    Don't worry too much about your mock exam percentage. The real exam grades much differently. Just keep doing what everyone is saying, drill non-stop MCQs, review notes/lectures on your weak areas and do more MCQs on those, do the AICPA sample test if you haven't already etc.

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    It is called a beast for a reason.




    Thats one reason I ended up avoiding doing any mocks, they can kill your confidence if you let them. Also from what I hear the Becker ones aren't very representative. I have a friend who did two and got below 50 each time (including the second one being only 2 days before her exam) and passed with an 89 so way above the pass mark. Stick to your plan and give it your all these last few days! Good luck 🙂

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    I’m done!!


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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